U2 -- Under A Blood Red Sky


As Published in the Dead Air Diary December 1983

Because U2 is the best group in the world right now, and because I've heard some incredible live material in the past, I felt that this live Mini-LP/Maxi-EP could have been transcendant, the best live record ever. But it falls short. Only the live "Gloria" reaches the emotional peak that U2 aims for with their best stuff. What brings this record down for me is the existence of much better live versions of "New Years Day," and "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Especially "Sunday Bloody Sunday," potentially the most explosive song in U2's live set due to Bono's sensitivity about the subject. Still, "40" is beautiful, "Party Girl" a surprise and "11 O'Clock Tick-Tock," "I Will Follow," and "The Electric Co." can all make me jump around in my room. And the price ($5.98 list) vs. the time (34:22) makes it a must. But not the best.

--Jim Connelly

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