Translator -- No Time Like Now

415 / Columbia

As Published in the Dead Air Diary August 1983 and January 1984

To be as honest and direct as the band itself, I like this album. I like Steve Barton and Robert Darlington's deep deep voices and their folky guitars. I enjoy Larry Dekker's Psychedelic bass and David Scheff's propulsive drumming. This album isn't as harsh sounding as last year's Heartbeats and Triggers was, and there are great songs throughout. "Un-Alone" and the title track have "hit single" written all over them, and the ballad, "The End of Their Love" is exquisite. Quite possibly the only people who can write intelligent love songs. And if the all-out stompers, "Break Down Barriers," "L.A., L.A." and especially the rave-up "Circumstance Laughing" don't get your blood boiling, then you are obviously dead.

--Jim Connelly

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