The Thrills -- So Much For the City


Part of my 2003 Top Ten list as published by Neumu in January, 2004

Proving that it now takes people from another continent to come up with any sunny new California songs. But forget that -- their record company certainly has. Hereís an excerpt from the only thing written on the back cover of this CD:

"Please donít use internet services that promote the illegal distribution of copywrighted music, give away illegal copies of your CDs or lend CDs to others for copying. Itís hurting the artists who created the music. It has the same effect as stealing a CD from a store without paying for it."
Thatís the propaganda. Now here is an absolute fact: the only reason that I purchased this CD is that I fell in love with a downloaded copy, cos this isnít something that I wouldnít have otherwise discovered, especially given the reality of radio in a Clear Channel world. So much for Virgin Records: theyíd have me totally miss out on great stuff like "Big Sur," "Donít Steal Our Sun," and "One Horse Town," which is the best R.E.M. rip Iíve heard in a long time. Downloading is saving music!!

--Jim Connelly

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