that dog -- retreat from the sun


Written for the 1997 Village Voice Pazz & Jop Poll

One thing we can all agree on is that 1997 will be remembered as the year of that dog. Remember how, after "Never Say Never" hit no. 7, the radio was overloaded with one pop gem after another? Remember? Next there was "Long Island," where the opening "You're pretty dreamy for a boy from Long Island" meant instant radio volume boost. Remember? Then there was Summer Single '97, "Hawthorne." How many cars full of teens were blasting its ode to SoCal life in the 90's as it scaled the charts and clogged our radios? Remember how that was No. 1 for the entire month of August? It was as if Gwen Stefani and Meredith Brooks never existed. And remember, when they played their surprise Lilith Fair gig, there was almost a riot? Remember? Finally, remember how just as El Nino and global warming were conspiring to delay autumn, they dropped the cool breeze of "Minneapolis," and it started to rain? Remember? Remember?

--Jim Connelly

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