The Replacements -- Let It Be


As Published in the Dead Air Diary March 1985

First of all, just let me say that this is the best record ever with this title. A future classic, it just grows and grows on me. If he survives his self-destructive contradictions, Paul Westerberg will be a major songwriter. Raw, fast, melodic, eclectic, and too much fun all wrapped up in one neat little package. And those songs . . . "Seen Your Video" bullseyes (though I'll bet they eventually make one for Sire Records), "Androgynous," thought-provoking, and "I Will Dare" should have been a #1 hit single. (By ignoring this song, AOR showed just much it has crawled up its own rear.) And as far as my two faves go . . . I relate totally to both the music and (especially) the words of "Unsatisfied" and while "Answering Machine" probably isn't the greatest song in the history of music, it still makes me very, very happy.

--Jim Connelly

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