R.E.M -- Reckoning


As Published in the Dead Air Diary June 1984

I hate to say it, but this is my favorite album of 1984. I really tried to resist, but this album has been the soundtrack of my life for the last two months. Despite the rave reviews of reckoning that you've read everywhere, it isn't Murmur, (my all-time favorite album). What it is, however, is the guitar on "Time After Time (annElise)" burning its way into my head and the way "HarborcOat" kicks in with its double-tracked chorus and how "so. Central Rain" and "7 chineSe bros." should be top ten singles and the way "letter Never seNt" grew on me like mold on bread and the incredible riffs that run through "little america" & "Pretty Persuasion" and the all-out Rock of "second Guessing" versus the beauty of "camerA" and the sing-along chorus of "(don't Go back TO) ROCKVILLE." That's all. Just another collection of great Rock and Roll songs, each with its own personality but unified by an overall, and right now unbeatable, sound. Oh yeah, best show I've ever seen at the Star Palace.

--Jim Connelly

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