R.E.M. -- New Adventures in Hi-Fi

Warner Bros.

Written for the 1996 Village Voice Pazz & Jop Poll

In the old days, it was easier -- R.E.M. put out an album, we all went "ooooh" and "ahhhhh," and played it constantly. Or so it seems. Nowadays, R.E.M. (or Bob Mould) (or Paul Westerberg) puts out an album and we all compare it to the old days, when their music was everything to us, and then wonder why, now, when we are all older, it doesnít have as much emotional resonance. As if itís their fault, not ours. Hardly. Theyíve figured out how to deal with age, ennui and commercial success as smartly as any band in rock history, now, itís our turn.

--Jim Connelly

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