R.E.M. -- Murmur


As Published in the Dead Air Diary July 1983 and January 1984

A hypnotic, dreamy trip into ringing guitars, driving drums and exquisite harmonies that is at once beautiful and powerful. Yes, Michael Stipe mumbles throughout, and yes, what lyrics that are understandable don't make any sense. And yes, after the 10th or 100th or 1000th listening this album still retains the freshness and mystery of the first playing. Of course, part of that mystery is due to Michael's mumbling (murmuring, if you will) and we would have never had the R.E.M. lyric-deciphering party without the incredible music. And it is only their first album. No bad tracks, but the best are: "Pilgrimage," "9-9," "Talk About the Passion" --Jim Connelly

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