Pavement -- Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain


Written for the Village Voice 1994 Pazz & Jop Poll

Do not be alarmed. What you are hearing is the sound of a great rock and roll band coming to terms with that fact. Like their sonically pixieish spiritual forefathers, their tossed-off craftsmanship is astounding. You get the sense that they can write songs like these forever, or not. Whatever. And since it was recorded and released before the year really exploded, it had the extra added bonus of truly being fun -- maybe the one true up all year. And I don't even think this is the total killer classic record they have in them. I can only hope they'll decide to let it out. And "Unfair" is my California new state song. I'm screaming: "The last psychedelic band, from Sacto, Northern Cal!"

"Cut Your Hair" b/w "Camera"

Matador Single

The problem is, of course, is that Pavement are rock and roll classicists coming from a scene that totally distrusts rock and roll. Which is the source of the tension that constantly threatens to pull their best music apart. They can't help what they love, nor can they help not wanting to follow their love and worrying about where it's taking them. On the b-side they do what all hardcore early R.E.M. fans do: make up their own words.

--Jim Connelly

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