OutKast -- Speakerboxx / The Love Below


Part of my 2003 Top Ten list as published by Neumu in January, 2004

These guys are "Rap" in the same way the Lyle Lovett is "Country" -- they make whatever music they want, and donít worry so much about categories anymore. As always, this would have probably been stronger as a single album, and the skits detract from the momentum. Of course, my single album probably wouldnít have the same as theirs, songs like "Bowtie" and "Hey Ya!" are pretty unstoppable. Furthermore, just like Sandinista, (made by a band that had transcended "Punk") sometimes itís fun to get stuck in a morass of excess. Though I still prefer John Coltraneís "My Favorite Things" to Andre 3000sí.

--Jim Connelly

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