Hole -- Live Through This


As Published by KADE Magazine June 18, 1994

Like Let It Bleed, Street Survivors, Double Fantasy or (for some of you), Three-Way Tie (For Last), this is one rock and roll record which will be forever linked to the tragedy which surrounds it. Ironies abound because they always do, but the fact that this record wouldn't existed without Kurt Cobain's music or commercial clout doesn't in any way diminish from its overall power. Did she learn songwriting tricks from her husband? Of course. Wouldn't you? Did she make them completely her own? You bet. This is Courtney's record top to bottom.

From the first "you should learn HOW TO SAY NO!" to the last "well, I went to school in Olympia," Live Through This is a veritable primer on how to mix punk drive, pop hooks and dynamic arrangements with a purely feminine lyrical standpoint. And those lyrics: whether dark ("I want my baby/where is the baby?"), powerful ("if she was asking for it/did she ask you twice?"), funny ("we look the same/ we talk the same/ we even fuck the same"), or all three ("I fake it so real, I am beyond fake."), they hit hard, smart and direct.

It's pertinent that the cover here is called "Credit in the Straight World", cos Live Through This is one huge loud "FUCK YOU" to everybody who dismissed her as a stupid, gold-digging, no-talent bitch. Don't you believe it. One of the last things Kurt said to her was "you made a really good record." He was right.

--Jim Connelly

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