Foo Fighters -- One by One


Part of my 2002 Top Ten list as published by Neumu on Jan 17, 2003

Their continued success -- both artistically and commercially -- is one of the most bittersweet stories in rock and roll. They've done some fantastic stuff, but ... sigh. And on their last album, I thought it finally caught up to them: for the first time, nothing special. But Dave Grohl's recommittment to rawk, as evidenced by his works with Queens of the Stone Age and (especially) Tenacious D, has been good for his heart. So he sticks it out on the album cover as he wears it on his sleeve -- you can hear it in every vocal and every riff. Bittersweet still, yeah, but on this record, he's earned the right to call himself a "new day rising" in what might be his best song ever, "Times Like These."

--Jim Connelly

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