Drive-By Truckers -- Decoration Day

(New West)

Part of my 2003 Top Ten list as published by Neumu in January, 2004

The Drive-by Truckers mean well, but they canít help telling the truth. So their follow-up to the myth-making (and defying) Southern Rock Opera is somehow even darker than an album that ended with a fiery plane crash.

The centerpiece is the chill-inducing "Outfit," in which a father, obviously only a couple of years older than I am -- perhaps the first generation to understand from the moment that we encountered it that rock is a lifelong thing -- reminds his son that joining a rock Ďní roll band can be upward mobility, if you do it right. In this case, "right" is about making it about art, not commerce. Itís also a litany of great advice -- the best being the simple "donít give it away." Heís not talking about money here, heís talking about soul, essence, effort, brains, rock Ďní roll. Right hereís your school of rock.

--Jim Connelly

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