Bob Stinson, R.I.P.

Written for AOL's Replacements Folder on Feb 23, 1995

Sigh, I think it sucks, too. Though, I'm not suprised, natch. I'm reminded of something that Paul said about finding out about Kurt. It was something to the extent that his first thought was relief that it wasn't Tommy. I guess he didn't even have to add "or Bob." But it still speaks volumes, and maybe, just maybe, if any good comes out of it, it might shock Tommy into reality.

One more thing: The Rolling Stones were a different band after Brian Jones was kicked out, but they still made Sticky Fingers and Exile On Main Street. And the Replacements still made Pleased to Meet Me. Certainly not the same band, but not necessarily worse.

I saw them with Bob and I saw them without Bob, and I loved them every time. Of course, I was drunk . . .

And because of Pleased to Meet Me and the rock and roll balls of the post Bob shows I witness, I cannot join the knee-jerk "they were cooler with him" brigade. They were cool either way. We shouldn't lose sight of that because Bob was the first to succumb to the lifestyle many of us loved them for leading.

I loved them cos they were me up there -- real, frail, wasted, human, and drawn to the power and beauty of rock and roll. Maybe Bob was the epitome of that -- if so, that also means something. That MY life was saved by rock and roll, I've never been in any doubt. Hell, my 'mats compilation tapes are titled "Why The Replacements Saved My Life." But sometimes I wonder if it was also ruined by rock and roll, that my attraction to its primal, steamy, seamy and brainless side is a bottomless hole I've dug for myself. You know, the one that Robert Pollard sings about in "I Am A Scientist."

"I am a lost soul
I shoot myself with rock and roll
The hole I dig is bottomless
but nothing else can set me free."

That's me. I'll bet it was Bob. It might even be you. And every time I think about it real hard, all I want to do is turn the stereo up to "could you turn that down please" volumes and not worry.

But sometimes I really wonder about it.

Hmm. Maybe, I'll add some 'mats war stories to this spot.

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