Like the 6'2' blonde Swedish quarterbacks he is so often compared to, KFSR's Jay Fung is a triple threat. An actual Jazz musician, Jay is lead bassist in the Sandy Schaefer Memorial Swing Band as well as KFSR's Jazz Music Director. Slap on some jams, and he becomes Jay Funk, dancer extraordinare. But most people know him as Jay DJ, the dynamic host of the KFSR Great Albums show. Now if we can just get him to go to class!

Quote: "You really hurt, I enjoyed that way too much!"

My rendition of punks
The Alarm get awful press in England. Tears for Fear new song "Shout" is awesome (yeah, sure, Tim-Ed.) and a big hit. Prince's "1999" is #2 on the charts (huh?). Capital Radio pretty much sucks. 'Cept when XTC's "Wake Up" is played. Really inconsistent. Well, I gotta go.
Tim G.
P.S.: "Nellie the Elephant" just made the top 10!!!

The Velvet Underground - V.U.  (Verve)      The 1985 version of The Basement Tapes, where the early work of a great artist finally surfaces and proves, once and for all, how vital that artist was. Instead of Bob Dylan, we have Lou Reed, and instead of The Band, we have the Velvet Underground. Those who loved the Velvets primarily because of the white-noise experimentation and/or the sparse, trance-like ballads will be disappointed. Those of us who love the unique Rock 'n' Roll sound that those were extensions of will recognize this record as quite possibly the final proof that The Velvet Underground were America's all-time greatest band.

-- Jim Connelly

Modern Lovers - Modern Lovers   (Beserkley)      Who would have ever thought a supergroup of this calibre would choose to create such an uncompromisingly powerful and driving LP? Instead of pandering to the commercial whims of FM radio, David Robinson (Cars), Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) and songwriter extraordinaire, Jonathan Richman have produced a record that certainly stands among the greatest of the past 15 years. Every song is excellent, but "Roadrunner" in particular will stand the test of time as one of the all-time great rock songs. (When was this review written? - Ed.)

-- Rev. Kirk

Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising   (SST)      Though side two sorta trails off into the mush, this is the pop album we were expecting. "Pop," of course, is used very loosely when taken in the context of the sound that the Hüskers produce. Kudos to Bob Mould's psychedelic shred guitar for taking this band into the stratosphere. But its the real melody strewn out everywhere and the intelligent lyrics that make the trip worthwhile. And while "Books About UFOs" is my fave, I love the message (and out-and-out thrash) of the title track.

-- Jim Connelly

Billy Bragg - Brewing Up with Billy Bragg  (CD)      Imagine this -- a songwriter influenced by the best qualities of Pete Townshend, Paul Weller, Elvis Costello, and Richard Thompson. A musical cross between Townshend's Empty Glass era and The Jam if Paul Weller had been the only member. Considering all of the trend-mongers falling out of Britain these days, Billy Bragg is almost too good to be true. Honest, real music.

-- Rev. Kirk

The Replacements - Let It Be  (Twin/Tone)      First of all, just let me say that this is the best record ever with this title. A future classic, it just grows and grows on me. If he survives his self-destructive contradictions, Paul Westerberg will be a major songwriter. Raw, fast, melodic, eclectic, and too much fun all wrapped up in one neat little package. And those songs . . . "Seen Your Video" bullseyes (though I'll bet they eventually make one for Sire Records), "Androgynous," thought-provoking, and "I Will Dare" should have been a #1 hit single. (By ignoring this song, AOR showed just much it has crawled up its own rear.) And as far as my two faves go . . . I relate totally to both the music and (especially) the words of "Unsatisfied" and while "Answering Machine" probably isn't the greatest song in the history of music, it still makes me very, very happy.

-- Jim Connelly

AND KEEP YOUR EARS PEELED FOR: Katrina & The Waves, Jason & The Scorchers, Joe Strummer & The Clash and Tom Petty & The Eurhythmics

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