Bill and Opus in 1984!
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    Sometime in the two-and-one-half month hiatus, the Dead Air Diary had its first anniversary. I'm sort of surprised it lasted this long. When former Program Director Ed Schreiber asked me to write and edit the official KFSR newsletter, I never envisioned what kind of mind-bending task it would become. I also never envisioned the great response that we've had with the D.A.D. Thanks. I somehow got out 14 issues in the first year, and while I have no illusions, I think that it has been pretty good. We've attempted to keep people informed about the station, poke some fun at ourselves and others (even if the others sometimes got mad), and at the same time be as serious about music as is possible on one sheet of paper. The major criticism I've heard is that the D.A.D. reflects my opinions and feelings too much and not necessarily the station's. That's valid and true. When I said that I would do the D.A.D. it was understood that I could express my opinions. I figured that it was a fair trade for the major headache of actually being responsible for it. (I've heard "Where's the Dead Air Diary" far more than you've heard "Where's the Beef?")(And I should thank Tim and Kirk, who have contributed more than they have gotten credit for.) But I never said that anyone's opinion represented the station's, just that person. And if you don't agree with me, great!! All I want you to do is to think about music, not just accept blindly what comes from your television and radio. I don't expect most people (or anyone) to agree with me. What I do expect is to keep going in the same direction for at least another year, and to ge through one edition with no typos.
      It's been a long time between issues of the D.A.D., and I have a lot to write about. This is the edited version (suitable for airplay) of a letter that I wrote this summer.
    First off, I would like to thank you, the readers of the D.A.D., for supporting KFSR in such a big way. I'm speaking of your support of the station itself, and you attendence of the stellar shows that we have been proud to work on. I will gladly go on record to say this has been the best spring/summer for live shows in the Valley's history. I am referring to shows like R.E.M., Dream Syndicate, Untouchables, Toy Dolls, Bangles, Rank & File, Pell Mell, Talk Talk, Go-Go's, Modern English, Icicle Works, Dead Kennedys, John Lee Hooker, Freeze, and the one that started it all back in the spring: The Three O'Clock, Game Theory and New Breed. No doubt, the weather wasn't the only hot thing this summer in Fresno.
    Next, I would like to talk about something I've been passionate about for almost four years, the Progressive Alternative, hearafter referred to as KFSR.
    Although KFSR has been called "unprofessional" and "too radical" by some, to others, these are meaningless criticisms. At KFSR, one thing matters to us more than anything: Music. Besides being a training ground, our biggest selling point is our music. I hate to sound biased, but we play the best music in the Valley. We offer more variety than any other station, and I strongly suggest, now more than ever, you try and listen to the shows you may have been unaware of. We offer Blues, Reggae, Soul, Oldies, Classical, Electronic Nimbus and Folk as well as Jazz and Rock. We play these types of music because we feel that they are too important to be overlooked. In offering this type of variety, it is easy to see why we attract listeners who are as serious about music as we are. We are here for your benefit, so please, take advantage of us.
    Something tells me I am running out of this room for this issue. Maybe next time (which will be soon, I promise) I can squeeze in some more correspondence.
                  Thank You for your time
                  Tim Gaskill
                  KFSR Program Director
Volume 2, Number 1 New American Church Album!!!!  The Niners are going to stomp!!!!!
  Sometime Aug '84
Wanna be on the air? Just send a cassette of you saying anything you want (except dirty words) and "KFSR, Fresno." Identify yourself, too. First 20 or so get Siouxsie & Banshees' "Dear Prudence" single. Best 10 will get Aztec Camera double-45 of "Oblivious" with two live cuts -- not available in stores!! Deadline is Oct. 15, 1984. A Hint: KFSR's 2nd B-day is Oct. 30. Good Hook.


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