Sorry Folks, Steph wishes to keep her identity a secret. If you wish to see what she looks like you might try hanging around at Denny's at 4:00am. Steph also frequents swap meets and hardware stores.           KFSR DJ PROFILE
             STEPH THE "K"

Steph's strong aversion to synthetic music has won her the admiration of large masses of radio listeners who appreciate real music. After her long, exotic affair with the Wild Man ended, many speculated that Steph's career might end prematurely. (Like so many of her nights with the Wild Man.) But she pulled through quite well and has gone on to become Fresno's favorite psychedelic femme. Steph is a frequent traveler, keeps odd hours and enjoys the pre-Early Bird Jazz show. Favorite Food: The Denny's pizza omelet.

Quote: "I know this is illegal, but we're doing it anyway."

all else fails, Mod is about self-enlightenment and intelligence. (In other words, if you can't make a positive change in the world, at least make a positive change in yourself.) To paraphrase The Jam: "We're the Anti-Complacency League, baby."
       Maybe I can give a response when asked for a definition of what I think Mod is, because my initial gut response was quite simple: "Mod is a positive, negative reaction to the Flashdance mentality of the '80s."
Kirk Biglione
KFSR Music Director
Request# 294-4082   CSUF Fresno
                    Shaw & Cedar aves.
Office # 294-2598   Fresno, CA 93740

U2 - Under A Blood Red Sky (Island EP)    Because U2 is the best group in the world right now, and because I've heard some incredible live material in the past, I felt that this live Mini-LP/Maxi-EP could have been transcendant, the best live record ever. But it falls short. Only the live "Gloria" reaches the emotional peak that U2 aims for with their best stuff. What brings this record down for me is the existence of much better live versions of "New Years Day," and "Sunday Bloody Sunday." Especially "Sunday Bloody Sunday," potentially the most explosive song in U2's live set due to Bono's sensitivity about the subject. Still, "40" is beautiful, "Party Girl" a surprise and "11 O'Clock Tick-Tock," "I Will Follow," and "The Electric Co." can all make me jump around in my room. And the price ($5.98 list) vs. the time (34:22) makes it a must. But not the best.

-- Boy Wonder

The (English) Beat - What is Beat? (I.R.S.)    This album has been out in the U.K. for several months in an altered form. And although it may be termed a compliation album, it features at least 3 tracks that long-time Beat fans may not have heard before as well as live versions of "Stand Down Margaret" and "Get a Job." The rest of the songs are either taken directly from their respective albums or are slightly re-mixed. Clearly this record has something to offer not only The Beat's newer fans but the older ones who thought they had heard it all before.

-- K.I.R.K.
UB40 - Labor of Love (A&M)    UB40 couldn't have picked a better way to crack the U.S. record market. By reworking several reggae "classics" they have subsequently released one of the year's most enjoyable albums. Not content to copy these songs, they have given each song a distinctive UB40 flavour. Suggested Cuts: All.
-- Tim Gaskill

The Truth - Beat Generation EP (Formation Import)     It's difficult to tell whether this band's main inspiration is Paul Weller or Pete Townshend. "What You Want Me to Say" might as well be "Town Called Malice Pt. II." But then "Town Called Malice" might as well been "Can't Hurry Love Pt. II." On second though, maybe The Truth only sound so much like their predecessors because they borrow from so many of the same influences, mainly the '60s Motown Sound, with hefty full Hammond organ weaving itself through the songs. A definite hit.

-- K.I.R.K.

AND KEEP YOUR EARS PEELED FOR: Even more Mod music with The Untouchables and the This Are Two Tone compilation. More psychedelia with Monsoon and The Rain Parade's Emergency Third Rail Power Trip (great title). And in the surprise of the month, a great hardcore album by ISM.

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