My name is Alan Atamian . . . that's Armenian for Alan Atamian and Jewish for the fun of it. I have been at KFSR for somr 4½ years now on and off. There were times that I was definitely the latter. I am 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, if you round off the nearest foot and mutiple of 100. My sign is Road Construction Ahead and I was born during an Application of the Heimleich Maneuver. Mom was really choked up about that. I've lived life as a breach baby, rarely keeping any contracts and setting legal precedents. I love my parents and I love God.
Turnons:    Refried beans on a bus trip, junk mail, Lene Lovich, apathy.   Turnoffs:     Global Holocaust, cannibalism & T-Bills.

Quote: "Please time this profile with my next photo album release."

   Totally arbitrary, but good argument material.
01 R.E.M.
02 Jam/Style Council
03 Violent Femmes
04 U2
05 X
06 Translator
07 Psychedelic Furs
08 The Alarm
09 Dream Syndicate
10 The Church
11 Rank & File
12 The English Beat
13 New Order
14 Elvis Costello
15 Talking Heads
16 Three O'Clock
17 Lords of N.C.
18 Big Country
19 The Call
20 Echo & Bunnymen
21 Fleshtones
22 Eddy Grant
23 Wall of Voodoo
24 Bow Wow Wow
25 UB40
26 Ramones

   This was the top 25 as we were going to represent them on our 1st anniversary show. We couldn't find the Call's Modern Romans so we had to drop the Call for our show. We moved everybody else up and added the Ramones.

The Jam - Snap! (Polydor)      There are two ways of looking at this album. Either you are a Jam fanatic and have all of their albums or you aren't and you don't. If you are, you have to decide whether "News of the World" and the original demo of "That's Entertainment" are worth 13 or 14 dollars. No. If you don't have all of the Jam's albums and you don't intend to buy them, buy Snap! It is probably the best collection of songs on vinyl this year. Actually, most Jam fanatics will end up buying it, too. Best songs: All 30.

-- Boy Wonder

Let's Active - Afoot (I.R.S.)      It seems some of the best new music around today is coming out of the most unlikely places -- Milwaukee, Georgia and now, Carolina. Mitch Easter (R.E.M. producer) leads this two-woman, one-man trio through an incredibly hook-laden EP. This is the kind of record you find yourself singing along to before you finish playing it the first time. Pop Classic: "Every Word Means No"

-- K.I.R.K.

Tom Waits- Swordfishtrombones (Island)      This album is about Frank torching his house; shooting pool with midgets; and an underground world, among other things. The music is sort of a mutant, muted blues featuring plenty of off-beat percussion noises. Tom hisself sings like he ate gravel for breakfast. But as the great Raoul Duke once said: "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro," and for these strange times, Tom Waits is nothing if not a professional. Listen For: "16 Shells From a 30.6," "Shore Leave," "Underground" & "In The Neighborhood"

-- Boy Wonder

The Three O'Clock - Sixteen Tambourines (Frontier)      Only one word can fully describe the Three O'Clock's second full album -- paisley -- very paisley. This album sounds like something you might expect to hear in your AM car radio in the mid-to-late '60s. If you ever liked The Beatles, buy this record and experience "A Day in Erotica."

-- K.I.R.K.

AND KEEP YOUR EARS PEELED FOR:   U2 Live at Red Rocks album or EP & the new Cure single called "Love Cats" (it will be a huge smash). Last time in this space we reported rumours of a Talking Heads concert. We were wrong, but that won't stop us from irresponsible rumour-mongering if there's a chance. Anyone for the Rolling Stones in Bulldog Stadium? (Or maybe the CSUF College Union?)
NEXT TIME:    We're still trying to figure out the Lords of the New Churck album. Also, a review of the Neats, and why you should care about the new Bob Dylan album.

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