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KFSR and Tower Theatre are co-sponsoring the Fresno premiere of "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence." The movie features David Bowie, an up-and-coming rock singer, as a British Officer in a Japanese P.O.W. camp. A portion of the admissions will go towards funding KFSR. And listen to KFSR for information on how to go for free!! Even though we need mucho moola we will still do that for ya.

Big Country - The Crossing (Mercury)      It seems like everybody has compared Big Country to U-Know-Who, but Big Country really sound nothing at all like U-Know-Who. At their most powerful -- "Porrohman," "Inwards" & "Close Action" -- Big Country can indeed be as uplifing as U-Know-Who, enabling me to see the sun in wintertime. And isn't it wonderful to see an electric guitar group that isn't just (take your pick) heavy-metal, Velvet Underground clone, hardcore punk, Byrds clone, or a psychedelic revival band. Big Country sound exactly like Big Country and hooray for them.

-- Boy Wonder

X - More Fun in the New World (Elektra)      Intelligent, fast and heavy. Since the demise of The Clash, X have come to exhibit new found political awareness which just may make this L.A. quartet one of the most important rock 'n' roll bands of the decade. For the disillusioned, cynical music fan/critic, "I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts" says it all. X even take a cue from the Big Boys on "True Love Pt. #2" which begins as an uncommon funk-influence rocker and ends as a tribute to the band's favorite musical influences. Overall, More Fun comes very close to the success X achieved on Wild Gift -- in other words, this is one of their best yet.

-- K.I.R.K.

Fleshtones - Hexbreaker (IRS)      With Halloween coming up I though I'd mention this because if there were any justice in the world, this would be considered the party record of 1983. After all, it sounds like it was recorded at a party. And for being a half-price album, this collection of fun, lound and raucous music (i.e. "rock and roll") should be the newest scene on your turntable.

-- Boy Wonder

Capitol Punishment - Capitol Punishment EP (Stage Dive)      Sue me for blatant localism, but I'm crazy about this band. Side M is strictly thrash with the distinctive Capitol Punishment flavor. Standout cut--"Wrong Direction." Side R (get it?) is a song with lyrics credited to John Hinckley. This slow stomp is an exciting and fresh addition to the punk rock genre. This is the first single produced by a local punk band! Buy it!! Support your scene!!!

-- Johnny Heathen

Style Council - Introducing the Style Council (Polydor)      This low-priced mini-album (maxi-EP?) collects most of Paul Weller and Mick Talbot's output since the break-up of the Jam. Only "Party Chambers" is missing. Most of these songs have been re-mixed and they don't sound quite as good on this record as they did on the original import singles. Also, 12 minutes of "Long Hot Summer" diminishes the impact of that song. But any record that collects this many great songs (especially "Headstart for Happiness" and "Mick's Up") for a low price is to be wholeheartedly recommended. Paul Weller is almost God.

-- K.I.R.K. & Boy Wonder

AND KEEP YOUR EARS PEELED FOR: Some pretty big names doing things right now. Besides the movie, Bowie has put out a double-live from the Ziggy era. The Jam have just released a double best-of. Psychedelic Revival lives with Boston's Neats & Lyres and Southern Cal's Green on Red and the Rainy Day record with members of the Dream Syndicate, Bangles and the Three O'Clock. And watch out for concerts here in Fresburg by The (Paul Collins) Beat, The Stray Cats and N.Y.'s own Talking Heads.

EVEN MORE SPACE WASTING: Maybe Mick Jones wasn't kicked out of The Clash after all. The latest rumour had Mick still tied contractually to The Clash. Maybe Mick can tour with Dave Wakeling and Ranging Roger's (formerly of The (English) Beat) band, General Public and The Clash at the same time. We'd like that.


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