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12 Noon Saturday, October 30th, 1982.

If you were lucky enough to tune in that day and that time, and your radio just happened to be tuned in to 90.7 on the FM band, then you heard "We Want the Airwaves" by the Ramones, and you witnessed (so to speak) the birth of KFSR. Since then, we've taken the airwaves with our unique blend of Rock 'n' Roll, J-A-Z-Z, Reggae, Blues, Country, Soul, Folk and too many other types of music to even mention. Our 1st anniversary is coming up and we'd like to giving our listeners some special treats. Saturday, October 29th at 8pm we will be giving a dance/party at the C.S.U.F. College Union. If you are a student at C.S.U.F., it will cost you only one (1) dollar to get in. And if you are not a student, it will only cost you two (2) dollars to get in. We realize that it's also Halloween, so we invite our listeners to dress up for the occasion. We also realize that many of our listeners dress up normally, therefore, we invite those listeners to dress down for the occasion. And join us on the next evening on our actual anniversary, as we present a musical overview of the last 12 months.


    Now is the time for you people to hear all of those things that you never bother to know. Tune in every Saturday at 4:00 on KFSR. Potpurri will come right at you. Let us hit you with all of our great music and info.

P.S. Excuse the accent, I am working on it.
   Happy Anniversary KFSR,
          Everywhere I'm Not, Beat Surrender, Working Girl, Boxcars, The Little Furry People, Slit Skirts, Rank and File, The Beat, Tell Me When Its Over, Urban Struggle, Hey, Mr. Lifeguard, This one's for you Fullerton!, The Call, Cool it Reba, The Tan, The Church, The Blasters, Elvis, Howard, Bruce, Tom, Paul, Bryan, Ba da ba ba ba da da Whoa o-oh, Ba da ba da ba ba ba da da, Hey Punks get off the grass, Speaking in Tongues, New Order, R.E.M.'s lyrics, War, War in the East, War war she's the refugee, Un-Alone, Pilgrimage, The College Concert, Hollywood Holiday, Resident Mania, And I'm on fire, Let's Go To Bed, Rockin' Jave Revue, The Replacements, UB40, Marching On, Oblivious, Gel-Eye, Big Country, and Much Much More.
The Music of the Last 12 Months
      If you are still one of those ignorant people who think that KFSR is only about music, then you are missing much of the picture. The KFSR News, Sports, and Public Affairs departments are supplying diverse and informative programming. Randy Reed's news department covers campus news, as well as important local, state and world news. Currently we are working on getting a news wire, to expand our coverage even further. News times are week-days at 7:00, 7:30, 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 & 12:00.
KFSR Sports continues to offer alternative sports programming. The big project this semester is NYL Thursday Night Football, every Thursday night at 7:25 until the NYL season ends. Also, regular sportscasts at 7:45, 12:30, 5:45, and 8:45pm.
Public Affairs under the auspices of Debbie Vrana has greatly expanded. In addition to the normal Sat 10:30 & Sun. 11:00 shows on various weekdays at 3 & 7, we have such shows as Person on Campus, Greek Preview, The Club Report, and the Entertainment Hotline. And don't miss the morning Wake-Up Call and Job Watch.
IF YOU WANT TO WRITE TO KFSR FOR ANY REASON: KFSR; CSUF; Shaw & Cedar Aves.; Fresno, CA 93740      Call us (like to advertise in the DAD) @ 294-4082 or 294-2598 Volume 1 Number 5 How about those 49ers?!?  Sometime late in October 1983 a.d. a.X.
Quote: "Other College stations get real newspapers. We get the "Dead Air Diary."

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