This doesn't look like him, but we couldn't wake him to pose.           KFSR DJ PROFILE
              TIM GASKILL

Tim Gaskill just might be the mellowest human being on 4 planets. He never gets excited about anything (except the 49ers and the Giants) and he prefers to just kick back and listen to his 100's of albums in a semi-conscious state. The guy can sleep anywhere, anytime. He has been observed asleep in a car going 90 miles an hour in neutral down the Grapevine with the stereo full blast. He once fell asleep at a hardcore punk gig. He is so quiet and mellow that he has been declared legally dead in at least 3 states and he rouses himself only to dis his musically adventurous Tuesday 4-8 shift.

Quote: "I ain't quiet, everybody else is too loud."


    During one of Randy Reed's many morning newscasts, the telephone decided to ring over the air. A.J. Lundberg, the on-air man, quickly picked up the phone after only one ring. Soon, the phone began to emit a beeping noise which also went over the air.

Randy ignored the noise while A.J. quitely hung up the phone. Maybe A.J. should have unplugged the phone, because almost as soon as the phone was hung up, it started ringing again. This was too much for Randy, and he couldn't keep from laughing. Somehow, he finished the news.


Altered Images - Bite     This Welsh five-piece outfits third LP marks a noted "soul" turn in their own danceable style. You've probably heard "Don't Talk To Me About Love," but check out "Love to Stay" & "Stand So Quiet"

-- Sydney

      It was an interesting contrast to see the Police and Translator within the space of a week. The Police concert, with its myriad of promoters, was undoubtedly a financial success (you multiply 20,000 by $17.00 and add the overpriced concessions and see what you get), whereas we might have broke even with Translator. On the other hand, while the Police put on a fine show -- highlights of which were the now-expected "Regatta De Blanc" jam and Andy Summers' guitar torture on "Syncronicty II" -- and the crowd certainly enjoyed it, Translator played a brilliant 12-song set with 2 encores, that artistically was much more of a success from my standpoint than the Police. Why? Because during Translator, I was right there.
      The problem with stadium concerts has always been that the band is too far away. I'm usually stuck so far up in the stratosphere that I'm not even watching the band in real time. Stewart Copeland hits his snare drum -- I see it now, but due to the speed difference between sound and light I don't hear the thwak!! until a split-second later (that's why audience singalongs and handclaps always sound so weird). If I try to get closer to the stage I end up against a fence for 12 hours with all of Fresno trying to get my spot. The video screens help somewhat, but I never get to watch what I want to watch. Instead, I'm watching what a director wants me to watch. I might as well stay home and watch the inevitable MTV special.
      Theoretically, the Police would rather play in a small place to get the audience interaction lacking in most stadium shows, but they're victims of their own success and are now considered "mainstream" (hopefully, they consider that disgusting, too). It is true that in a small place, intoxication and overcrowding are worse problems than in giant shows. But Translator was still only 1 foot in front of me, and being able to dance and necessarily spin more than made up for the crowded dance floor. And to be able to watch Translator (and Wire Train, who were 3 times better than any of the Police's opening bands) enjoy themselves transcended watching Stewart Copeland's drum heads with the binoculars. That's why the Translator concert was better than the Police concert. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Here's hoping that the Hacienda will let us do it again (Violent Femmes? R.E.M.?), because it was a great success.

-- Boy Wonder
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