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KFSR's Wild Man is a text book case of schizophrenia. During the day, he is a sensitive, erudite intellectual, capable of discourses on such varied topics as the relationship of quantum mechanics to toaster ovens and the philosophies of Plato, Emerson and David Lee Roth. This facet of his personality manifests itself in The Wild Man Book Review every Thursday afternoon. But as the evening approaches, the Wild Man turns into a ravenous, slobbering sex maniac with barely enough control to handle his weekly Thursday at 11:00pm "Wild Man Adventure Show," a startling journey deep into the depths of depravity.

Quote: "It's Ladies Night on KFSR, all you ladies call me on the Wild Man Hotline."


     As well as losing Brad "Slam" Rogers to a real job, (guess his Job Search worked, we at KFSR are sad to be losing two more of our long-time compadres: Dave Hetrick Tues. 12-5, former news director; and Scott Ambrose Sat. 4-7 former tree killer. Best of luck guys, and thanks for all of the help and good times.

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This is not hype!!! Translator - No Time Like Now    To be as honest and direct as the band itself, I like this album. I like Steve Barton and Robert Darlington's deep deep voices and their folky guitars. I enjoy Larry Dekker's Psychedelic bass and David Scheff's propulsive drumming. This album isn't as harsh sounding as last year's Heartbeats and Triggers was, and there are great songs throughout. "Un-Alone" and the title track have "hit single" written all over them, and the ballad, "The End of Their Love" is exquisite. And if the all-out stompers, "Break Down Barriers," "L.A., L.A." and especially the rave-up "Circumstance Laughing" don't get your blood boiling, then you are obviously dead. Buy this album; see the concert; you'll like Translator, too.

-- Boy Wonder

The Yellowjackets - Mirage A' Trois    The "sophomore jinx" is non-existent here as the second effort from Russell Ferrante, Ricky Lawson, Jimmy Haslip and a cast of thousands (including Robben Ford, who played on the first one) far exceeds anyone's expectations. Russell Ferrante's keyboard work helps make the album a winner. Outstanding Tracks: "Top Secret," "Man in the Moon," and "Nimbus."

-- Tom West
Graham Parker - The Real Macaw    As the underrated veteran of the post-punk movement, Parker can put another (parrot) feather in his cap. The emotion and intensity of "Macaw" keeps this artist far above the flock.
-- Sydney

Howard Devoto - Jerky Versions of THE DREAM    Buzzcock co-founder and Magazine leader's first solo album. Early Enoesque pop with touches of Joe Jackson melodies. Possibly one of the finest experimental pop albums since Eno's Before and After Science. Definitely recommended. Tunes to remember: "Cold Imagination," "Rainy Season," "Topless."

-- K.I.R.K.

The Replacements - Hootenanny    Whether operating at punk-thrash speed or just at a fast blues shuffle, this Minneapolis, Minnesota quartet delivers a sense of sloppy fun through this album. All that these guys want to be is a garage band, and they are certainly nothing more than a great garage band. But they are nothing less, either. Songs to listen for: "Hayday," "Color Me Impressed," "Within Your Reach" & "Lovelines."

-- Boy Wonder

AND KEEP YOUR EARS PEELED FOR: New Albums by X, Mental as Anything, The Payolas, Hunters and Collectors, Iggy Pop, Paul Collins Beat and yes, even the World's Greatest Oldest Rock and Roll Band, The Rolling Stones

We've got just a little bit more space to fill so FRIDAY SEP. 16, HACIENDA 9:00

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