Oh Chip! You're Too Hip!             KFSR DJ PROFILE
            "TOO HIP" CHIP

Hey, this is the incredible "Too Hip" Chip. I've been hanging at KFSR for five years. This is my evening line: I get the old melon goin' by getting Dead Air or Johnny Cap and grabbing some grenades. Then me and the rest of them friggin' mother hunchers get lit by nailing the grenades as ard as we can. I mean we drill 'em. After we're all lit up we go hang at the Festival Game Palace. Then I go home, kick on some metal, put on the headphones and jump around my apartment. You gotta love Lita Ford and Twisted Sister. Finally, at 4:00am, I crash.

Quote: This one's for you Clovis WOOLALAWOOLAWOOLALAWOOLA!!!


Demi DeSoto, realizing that he had to leave his shift a half-hour early, decided that his listeners shouldn't be deprived of him for even a half-hour. So Demi proceeded to put his raps for that last half-hour on tape and gave someone a list of songs to play, calculating that noone would tell the Memorexed Demi from the live one. Demi left at 11:30 and ran smack into Murphy's Law. It seems that the tape that he taped his raps on was faulty. So what you, the listener, heard was "Hi, I'm Demi DeSoto, and I'm leaving . . . " Silence. After an interval of several seconds of dead air, music finally started again. Obviously not even Demi can be in two places at one time.


Elvis Costello - Punch The Clock    This may be Elvis' best ever, which is saying quite a lot. He's kept the ballads he worked on so diligently during last years Imperial Bedroom, but added social commentary as well ("Shipbuilding".) In addition, he's back with a more upbeat soul-influenced sound that harks back to the Get Happy LP with horns (plenty of horns.) And his lyrics are beginning to bite again. Suggested cuts: "Everyday I Write The Book," "Let Them All Talk," "The World and his Wife."

-- K.I.R.K.

The Church - Seance    Featuring Steve Kilbey's heartfelt vocals, The Church mine deeper into the pop-rock vein they struck for themselves last year. Why don't they have an American record label?? Best toons: "One Day," "Dropping Names," and "Travel By Thought."

-- Boy Wonder

The Cure - The Walk     This English group, now down to two members, takes a decidedly pop turn with their latest release. The Cure's percussion/keyboard synthesis is remarkably good - it's as listenable as it is danceable. All cuts on this 6-song Mini-LP (when does an EP become a Mini-LP?) are fine, and that includes the previously released single "Let's Go to Bed"/"Just One Kiss."

-- Sydney

The Alarm - The Alarm (EP-not a "Mini-LP")      It's the early Clash meets mid-sixties Bob Dylan on this anthem-filled EP. "The Stand" and "Marching On" are destined to become classics. This band, along with the Violent Femmes, R.E.M. and a few others is on the verge of triggering a large-scale Acoustic Rock revival.

-- K.I.R.K.

Men Without Hats - Rhythm of Youth    Robin: Holy Drum Machines, Batman, I like this album! Batman: I'm not surprised, old chum, it has intelligent and funny lyrics. Robin: But Batman, all of those synthesizers! I like guitars! Batman: We'll discuss your reactionary musical tastes later, Boy Wonder, let's get the Bat Turntables and go Safety Dance.

-- Boy Wonder

AND KEEP YOUR EARS PEELED FOR: Translator -- No Time Like Now -- if the album's as good as the single "Un-alone," it will be great indeed. Neil Young and the Shocking Pinks - Everybody's Rockin' -- Neil the chameleon as rockabilly rebel.


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