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Hi. I'm Jim Connelly,

[Picture of Me, yuk] and you've reached my web site.

Why barefoot jim??
Here's my standard explanation . . .

This is not my job.

This is my life.

Well, sorta. Really, it's more about what was my life, at the close of the last century or whatever. Cos I really don't update it all that much anymore -- that picture over to the left is, well, over a decade old now. As is this site, which is pretty much dead.

Me, I'm still alive, and I'm still currently (January 2006) adding my voice to the ever widening Web world:

barefoot jim's flat is now over 11 years old: several generations in Web terms, and the knowledge I've gained in that time is immeasurable. Perversely, very little of that is reflected here. This site was built when I had a miniscule understanding of the Web, and -- maybe as a rebellion; maybe as laziness -- I've never seen fit to apply all of that knowledge here. I think that I like the sloppy code and weird navigational eddies as a humbling reminder of just how little I knew when I was starting out. And how much more fun it all was back then, you know.

No really, I was literally shooting in the dark, all I wanted was a place to self-publish my writing, and HTML gave me an opportunity to just fucking do it. That I could actually make it my living and maybe even my life wasn't even a consideration. In fact, if I knew then what I didn't know then, I might not have even tried. But I did, and I'm glad that I did.

This isn't about posting my resume, it's about screaming "I'm here, I'm alive!" Always has been, always will be.

Spurred on by the D.I.Y. punkrock vibe that was surrounding the Web back in the day (ok, early '95), I created this place -- the point was/is to stake out my own personal claim in, um, er, cyberspace. And the bottom line for this site is the same as it ever was: the fact that, sometimes, I write. A lot. There are literally dozens of things in my writing section now. (Hint, hint.)

This is important. Despite the fact that the Web has become mostly a tool for me, and despite the fact that I think that its final major purpose is going to be for certain types of automated commercial transactions of goods or services or "authoritative" information, I still maintain this site. (Well, sorta.) Why? Well, partially because it got me my first Web job; partially because friends and relations are getting online at a wonderfully alarming rate and so here's a nice "Hi-dee-ho!" to them; partially because I still believe in the Web's instant karma and eternal serendipity; but mostly because of this simple fact: I can.

Even now, in new millenium. And after all of this time, I still think that's pretty damn cool.

Before I actually started building Web sites for a living, I actually had time to do the netsurf boogie through the monster swells of the Net. I don't even know if this even matters anymore, but here's my obligatory page of cool cool links. This is actually pretty recent as of summer 2001.

Velvets poster "So Jim, speaking of music, what have you been listening to recently????"

Well, I'm glad you asked . . .

Dig my list of favorite albums by year -- going all the way back to 1980!

And, hey, any reactions whatsoever -- positive, negative or ehhhhhh are appreciated.

So, like, mail me.

Either way, thanks for stopping by.

--barefoot jim


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