david ornette cherry 




Santa Monica Solstice Festival 2002, Santa Monica
EARJAM III  2002, Los Angeles
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Valencia
California State Summer School of the Arts(CSSSA 2002)-Workshops


GOAL:                        …  to become another color in the ever-expanding sound spectrum.


2000-present              Organic Groove, leader

1996-present              Impressions of Energy, leader

                                Vision Festival NY-2002
                                SPAZIO, Sherman Oaks
                                TEMPLE BAR, Santa Monica
                                Bones and Blues- The Center, Los Angeles
2001                        Jazz Fest Wiesen, Wiesen, Austria
                                Detroit International Arts Festival
                                World Music Workshop & Performance, CalArts
                                LAHC/Lira Productions Concert Series, Long Beach
                                African Market Place, Los Angeles
                                EARJAM II, Los Angeles
                                Knitting Factory, LA
                                Benefit Tribute for Billy Higgins
                               World Stage, LA (Feb.16th & 17th)
                               Central Juvenile Hall, LA (Feb. 23rd)

2000                        BET / Knit Media broadcast – Live from the Knitting Factory
                               Hollywood World Stage, LA
                               10th Anniversary Jazz at Drew Festival, LA
                               Knitting Factory, LA
                               Playboy Jazz Festival Pasadena, Pasadena
                               California African American Museum, LA
                               EARJAM, Los Angeles
                               Knitting Factory, NY
                               KnitActive Web-cast, NY
                               S.O.B’s – NY
                               Blues Alley – Washington, DC
                               Luna Park. LA
                               Catalina Bar & Grill, LA
                               MUSICBLITZ-online web music release, Producer/Performer
                               ORGANIC MUSIC, CD Producer/Performer (to be released)

1999                       THE END OF A CENTURY, CD Producer/Performer
                              ENSEMBLE FOR IMPROVISERS, CD Producer/Performer (to be released)
                              Jazz Bakery. LA
                              World Stage, LA
                              23rd Annual Watts Towers Jazz Festival, LA
                              World Stage, LA
                              5th Street Dick’s, LA

1998                      Leo Wadada Smith’s Nok Society
                             World Stage, LA
                             5th Street Dick’s, LA
                             UCLA Jazz Series, LA

1996                     African American Music for the Common Man
                            Beyond Video Group, CD, LA
                            World Stage,LA
                            5th Street Dick’s

1992                    Watts Prophets CD

1991                    CBS Night Watch, Performance/Interview with Don Cherry
                           Trumpets Restaurant/Lounge, Washington, D.C.
                           12th Annual Washington, D.C. Jazz Festival with Don Cherry

1990                   Watts Towers Jazz Festival, Los Angeles, with Don Cherry
                           "Multi-Kulti" CD, Producer/Musician - with Don Cherry

1989                   Don Cherry Quartet at McCabe’s, Santa Monica, CA
                           "Jazz in the City", San Francisco Jazz Festival with Don Cherry

1986                   Don Cherry Quintet with special guest, Jabbo Smith,
                            Village Vanguard, New York

1982                   CODONA, European Tour

1980                    North Sea Jazz Festival, Holland with Don Cherry
                           Jazz-A-Juan Festival, Antibes, France with Don Cherry
                           Munich Jazz Festival, Germany with Don Cherry
                           Belgium Jazz Festival, Liege, Belgium with Don Cherry

1998   Infinite Potential (physically & developmentally handicapped
                                     children) - Music Workshop,  Instructor

1997   African Market Place, Events Coordinator Children’s Village

1993   Pasadena Arts Council, Workshop on How to Make a
   Music Video, Elliot Middle School - Instructor

1992   John Muir Junior High School, Los Angeles, World
   Music Workshop - Instructor

1986   "Art Ways" Jazz World Workshop, Hartford, Connecticut,
    Performer & Teaching Assistant - Artist in Residence with Don Cherry

1982   Children's Day Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden -Musical Director, ages 9-16

   1976  -  1978                       1979  -  1984
Bishop College                  California Institute for the Arts
Dallas, Texas                      Valencia, California
Major:  Music                     Major:  World Music

Summers:  1979 - 1983
    Creative Music Studio
    Woodstock, New York

Instructors:  Don Cherry  -World Music
   Karl Berger  -Piano
   Nana Vasconcelos -Percussion, Brazilian Rhythms
   Colin Walcott  -Rhythm
   Taranith Rao  -Tablas
   Kobla Lapseko  -Music/Ghana
   Foday Musa Soso  -World Music
   Francis Awe  -Yoruba Music & Dance

1984     1984
   Jazz  &  Beyond Productions  "How New York Swings"
   Afro-American Music Festival  Belgium T.V.
   with Don Cherry      Line Producer
   Cal Arts


1999   Jazz and Beyond, concert series, TOWER RECORDS, Pasadena - Producer

1998 - 1999  Jazz and Beyond, concert series, Opus Music, Pasadena - Producer

1998   1st Annual Pasadena World Music Festival - Co-Producer

1996   Jazz and Beyond, concert series TOWER RECORDS, Pasadena, - Producer

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