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Ch Bantam's Spittin' Image*


Best of Breed at ten months old.

Ruger finished easily on the bench with multiple Best of Breed Wins, Best in Sweepstakes, and three majors.  He has juvenile placements in the field.  With his outgoing personality and style in the ring and field, we see a bright future for him.


Pedigree for Bantam's Spittin' Image *indicates OFA Certification

Ch Bantam Unleashed*

Ch Bantam's Shadow Image*

DC/AFC Bantam's Bravo Barney JH*

DC Royal Britt Starbuck of Auten


DC Sequani's Spade of Kennisau *

Ch Auten's Misty Morning

Ch Bantam's Molly O'LinWood*

DC/AFC Britt-A-Cocoa*

Ch LinWood's Roc'anne of Bantam

Rencroft's Sensational Jazz

FC/AFC Dixieland's Lena's Freckles MH *

FC Country Sunshine's Boss Hogg

Dixieland's Lena

Ch Godabe's Mr Britt Rock Steady SH *

Ch Maplehill Let's Be Frank SH *

Ch/AFC Jordean Godabe Motown Mona SH*

Ch Bantam's High Plains Vision *

Ch Bantam's JR Bravo*

DC/AFC Bantam's Bravo Barney JH*

DC Royal Britt Starbuck of Auten* HOF

Ch Bantam's Molly O'LinWood *

Bantam's Auten Heiress *

Ch Bantam's Buckshot Bravo *

Ch Auten's Heirloom Crystal

Renegade's Ami Belle *

NAC/DC/AFC Renegade's Kansas Kid * HOF

FC/AFC R-Lucky Brady Bazooka *

FC Prince's White Tail

Ginger Ann Belle *

Buford T

Hickory Chip Belle *

Ch Over Under Killin Time*

DC/AFC Wrigley's Chip Makin His Mark *

FC/AFC Renegade's Regal Wrigley JH*

NAC/DC/AFC Renegade's Kansas Kid * HOF

FC/AFC R-Lucky Brandy Bazooka *

FC Prince's White Tail

Mischevious Lady Britt *

Minnehaha's Bruiser Boy

Brandy's Dakota Lady

Chief's Misipi Nivashi Nummi JH*

DC/AFC Masked Shoshoni War Chief JH *

NGDC/DC/AFC Magnum's Masked Man*

Ch Shoshoni Wasakie Sisskede*

Mississippi's Ginger Bell

NAC/DC/AFC Renegade's Kansas Kid * HOF

Mischevious Lady Britt *

Ch Over Under Nevenes Showtime JH *

FC Rock It *

FC Cutty Sark IX's Rocky Start*

FC/AFC Cutty Sark IX *

Eagle Feather of Atzlan*

Ado Annie*

NC/FC Microdot* HOF

Louise the Drifter

Spring Creeks Poka-Dotty *

NFC/DC/AFC Tequila's Joker*

FC/AFC Beaugard's Golden Tequila

WWW Ban Dandy

Spring Creeks Honey Nutmeg

Ch Black Butte Chocolate Ripple *

Ch Black Butte Merry *

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