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DC/AFC Bantam's Bravo Barney JH*

7/22/86 - 5/26/98   


The 'perfect dog'!  That's what Barney was to us.  From his naturally docked tail, to a perfect size of 19", to being a little dynamo both in the field & show ring.

After placing in the field as a puppy & derby, he went to Jim Hoyers for training.  Jim ran him a number of years for us putting on his first open points & seven wins.  At the same time I was running him in the amateur stakes & then proceeded running him to complete his field championships.  He amassed a total of thirty five AKC placements.  He was always so much fun to run as he just loved competing.  He gave the type of performance that made you sit up and take note - always running hard & pointing with intensity & style.  We developed a real bond - one completely trusting the other.  

Barney finished his show title fairly easily especially when you consider the fact that he was smaller than most males competing.  He went on to a number of Breed wins - usually won from the field trial class in field condition.  He was the Minnesota Brittany Club Dual Dog of the Year every year from 1989 through 1996 (except 90 when Shooter won).  He also won the Missouri Brittany Club Dual Award in 1993.  His crowning glory in the ring was winning Best Male in the Dual Champion Sweepstakes at the 1997 Nationals (we later found out that he was extremely ill while there - but still gave his best for me).

Barney produced some excellent birddogs consistently passing on his bird finding ability & style on point.  However, what stood out above all else was his 'dual temperament'.  At home he possessed a calm, easy going manner - the perfect companion; in the field he was a fireball of determination in searching out game - the perfect birddog.  What more could one ask for!



DC Royal Britt Starbuck of Auten*

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