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The Newest CD by Baluja & Small...

Baluja and
                  Small: Tight Connection

2 Brand New CD's to send 2013 off with a BANG!!!
1. Nowhere To Land is an EP that contains 5 songs that were written, recorded, and produced in collaboration with a brilliant lyricist by the name of M.J. Small. The songs have a predominantly Folk Rock/Americana flavor to them, with a few Electronic undertones. 
2. Baluja XI: Bus Of Broken Dreams is a full length CD of original songs that I recorded during the current year. Half of the songs are new, half I wrote throughout the past 30 years. I recorded all of them in my home studio, using my grandson's Ipad 2 to construct the music tracks.  





Recently Released...

Latest CD Now available on Reverbnation...

I Remember Tampa


Local favorites like West Tampa, Ybor City, Picnic Island, South Tampa Survivor, and the title track, I Remember Tampa!!!


Topical Heatwave PR


WMNF has announced that in conjunction with the “Topical Heatwave“ event at Skipper’s Smokehouse, they will be releasing a self produced compilation CD of topical songs on November 13th. The CD is entitled “This CD Kills Fascists” in honor of folk legend Woody Guthrie. It features Florida artists doing original songs that speak to the issues of our times and will present a variety of musical styles to highlight the diversity of our local culture.

A CD release party is scheduled for November 13th at Skipper’s Smokehouse to showcase performers who donated music to the CD. The project is a fund-raiser for WMNF and features Ronny Elliot, Radio Free Carmela and the Transmitters, Fall on Purpose, the Funky Seeds, Pete Gallagher, Ray Villadonga and many more..

This project was inspired by local bands who have recently produced songs about the Gulf oil disaster and the West Virginia mining accident. Songs cover a variety of contemporary subjects, social , political, & environmental. Phil and Bill of the 60’s Show will host the event.


New compilation CD being released by BAAMO.  It features 18 cuts by various local artists from the Tampa Bay area. Request your favorite cuts on WMNF 88.5 FM or MTB  (

Recent press release:

Dear Friends and Music Lovers,

BAAMO (Bay Area Arts & Music Organization) is releasing a new CD called Tales of Lust and Longing, which showcases the work of various local artists. This is the 4th in a series of compilations that BAAMO has released over the past few years. Typically, these CD’s have generated quite a buzz within our independent music community, as well as in other independent markets across the United States and abroad. BAAMO has worked very hard to gain valuable exposure to the talent in this area, and this year, I’ve had the good fortune to become one of the artists they‘re promoting. My song, “The Good Life,” will be featured on their new CD…track #15 to be exact. So I'm sending out this announcement in an effort to help raise awareness of Tales of Lust and Longing. I want to see it enjoy the same degree of success as its predecessors. Over the next few weeks, I’d like for all of you to tune in to WMNF 88.5 FM from time to time (especially the morning shows) and place your requests for my song or for any of the other fine works on this CD. Other local music programs, such as MTB (Music Tampa Bay) are viable options, too. Let them know you support the local music scene by asking them to play our music. Also, ask for the CD at your favorite music stores…see if they are carrying it…let them know that there is a demand for it. Spread the word…tell your friends about the CD…tell them to tell their friends about it. And next month, plan to attend the CD release party. It should be an awesome event. Most of the artists on the CD will be performing, and the admission price of $10 includes a copy of the CD. What a deal! Here's the information:


Saturday, April 11, 2009
New World Brewery
1313 E 8th Ave in Ybor City
(813) 248-4969
Starts @ 5:00 pm
$10.00 (includes CD) 21+

For additional information on the artists involved, song listings, times of the performances at the CD release party, or on where else to obtain copies of the CD, visit the BAAMO website. You’ll also be able to see the list of songs there, along with lyrics and links to each of artist’s personal websites. Please show your support of these local artists. Help make Tales of Lust and Longing an overwhelming success.


Mike Baluja