Finally there is a report that gives you practical, down-to-earth common sense answers to tithing questions In plain English. It uses a carefully formulated approach and applies it diligently to biblical tithing. The result? --the Bible practically explains itself verse by verse and concept for concept. Accurately. FaithfuIly. Authoritatively.

Malachi 3:8-10 robbing God?

Malachi 3:8 - 10 says: will a man rob God?... Yet, you are robbing Me ... In tithes and offerings ... Bring the full tithes into the storehouse and I will OPEN the WINDOWS of HEAVEN and pour down for you an overflowing BLESSING." Question: what does the phrase "open the windows of heaven" mean, precisely? Financial prosperity? More business profits? Freedom from debt? A higher paying job? --exactly what is the "blessing"? Do you know the answer without hesitating or guessing? Whatever the blessing is, that is ALL the Bible is promising anyone.

Genesis 7:11 - 12 says, "... and the WINDOWS of HEAVEN were OPENED... and RAIN fell upon the earth forty days and forty nights." And in 8:2 "... and the windows of heaven were closed and the rain from heaven was restrained, and the waters receded." Why of course! When the "windows of heaven are opened" it is rain, rain, rain that pours down! No wonder Malachi 3:11continues by saying "the fruits of your soil" will not be "destroyed" and "your vine will not fail to bear." God was promising them RAIN for their land and crops! Why?

Before delivering the Promised Land to the Israelites God said to them, if they would obey: "For the land you are entering DRINKS WATER BY RAIN FROM HEAVEN that you may gather your grain, wine and oil," Deut. 11:11, But if they should disobey: "(If) you serve other gods ... the Lord (will) SHUT UP THE HEAVENS so that there be NO RAIN and the land yield no fruit and you perish," v v. 16 - 17.

The Book of Malachi was written to a remnant of Jews that had returned from the captivity and who had, once again, fallen into disobedience. The result? They were undergoing food shortages due to DROUGHT. And so, in 3:8 - 10 He promises rain if they'll obey. No new fur coats, no Cadillacs.

Partial List of Contents

The report is jam-packed with easy-reading verse by verse explanations incisively proving each point and illustrated with drawings. Here is a sample of contents:

  • Why tithing pays for some but not others.

  • A sparkling new view of Malachi 3:8 - 11!

  • How you can tithe perfectly while robbing God!

  • The little-known reason why tithing was given to Israel and how it affects you.

  • Why Abraham tithed and had peace with God.

  • Jacob's tithing vow and his terror of Esau.

  • Does the New Testament command tithing?

  • Did Jesus command you to tithe?

  • How did Jesus support his own personal ministry?

  • How to "lay up treasure in heaven" even if you are flat broke!

  • Did the Apostle Paul command tithing?

...and much more! Deals with common errors and answers questions like these:

Jesus came "Not to destroy... but to fulfill the law" -- but which law? Do you know which NT verses give nearly a verse by verse explanation of Malachi 3:8 - 11? Do you know the relation-ship between tithing, the Old and New Covenants and Jesus' transfiguration? Do you know the eight sources or methods Jesus used to support his ministry and whether or not tithing was one of them?

Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

The report, entitled TITHING: God's Command or Man's Demand? is guaranteed to be the best you have ever read or your purchase price refunded, no questions asked, no explanations needed. Examine it for 15 days and if you are not satisfied, return it undamaged and in a resalable condition and get your money back. There is a very limited number of copies left at $11.80 + $3.20 shipping and handling ($4.20 for Overseas Air Mail). Send check or MO payable in U.S. currency to the address below. Simply print plainly your name and return address on a piece of paper, write the words Send tithe report and mail with payment.

The 101 page, spiral bound, illustrated report written by Tony Badillo has benefited many persons of different denominations, and will greatly assist those who may be trying to make a biblically based decision about this important topic.

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"Excellent in content,"   theology professor

Thank you so much for the most attractive book on tithing. It is not only well organized but excellent in content - - and it fulfills an important need ... I hope it will be well received and bear rich dividends for the Kingdom.

Dr. Joseph Hopkins
Dept. of Religion and Philosophy, Westminster College, New Wilmington, PA

"A good source of study,"   says pro-tither.

My wife and I do tithe faithfully and the Lord has proven to be a better bookkeeper than I ... 'Tithing: God's Command or Man's Demand -- Which?" ... is loaded and is definitely not a one night reader. It does contain a wealth of information not usually found in books on this subject. This book ... will be a good source of study for anyone who seriously wants to reach a personal decision about tithing.

Kenn Sidorwich
Final Delivery Ministries
Bellmawr, NJ

Challenges traditional tithing theology,   states secular mail order book reviewer.

A new controversial report by lay writer Tony Badillo challenges traditional 'church tithing' theology. Badillo takes sharp issue ... (questioning) whether tithing ought to be promoted by churches at all. In "Tithing: God's Command or Man's Demand?" he cites testimony from members who have gone broke tithing too diligently. Badillo uses many scriptures to make his points.

Review Editor, Ideas Unlimited
New Berlin, WI

"Most thorough ... filled with insights."

In the last few years a number of excellent papers have been written showing the many flaws in ... (the) tithing doctrine. Mr. Badillo's study, however, is the most thorough one that we know of available in print. It is filled with insights into the subject, giving even those not too well versed in the Bible an understanding of the the whole tithing subject.

Ambassador Report
Pasadena, CA

Thought he knew all about tithing.

Some time ago ... I ordered your book on tithing feeling that you probably didn't have anything new to tell me that I hadn't figured out for myself or read elsewhere, and that I would probably make use of your money-back guarantee. As you have noted, I didn't ask for my money back: I did learn some new things and am well pleased with my wife ... read your book and ... couldn't find anything to refute (it), except that she feels God wants "His people" to tithe to "His Church."

John Russel Owen
Phoenix, AZ

"Most informative and enlightening."

I am writing to congratulate ... you for ... "Tithing: God's Command or Man's Demand?" It was just excellent, one of the most informative and enlightening books I have read. I learned so much ... I didn't know before ... It was shocking ... I read your book through and now plan to go back and study it thoroughly.

Ms G. Gonda
Willow Grove, PA

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