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The XB-70 Valkyrie was a large two seat Mach 3+ 6 engine plane built by North American. Originally conceived as a long range intercontinental bomber, the program evolved into a high speed flight test platform.
Two vehicles were built. The second ship, AV/2, was an improved version based on the experiences learned from bulding the first plane, AV/1.

AV/1 in flight signed by Al White, Fitz Fulton, Don Mallick & Joe Cotton

Cover flown onboard the XB-70s first Mach 3 flight, signed by Al White & Joe Cotton

  • First Flight AV/1 serial # 62-0001 September 21st, 1964
  • First Flight AV/2 serial # 62-0207 July 17, 1965
  • First Mach 3 flight October 14, 1965 with AV/1
  • Last flight of AV/2 June 8, 1966, lost due to mid-air collision
  • Last flight of AV/1 February 4, 1969
Total flights AV/1 - 82
Total flights AV/2 - 46
Total flying time both aircraft:              252 hours, 48 minutes
Total flying time Mach 1 - Mach 1.9:     55 hours, 50 minutes
Total flying time Mach 2 - Mach 2.9:     49 hours, 32 minutes
Total flying time Mach 3:                      1 hour, 48 minutes

I found this website while doing some research. It is treasue trove of information on the XB-70.