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Here are some English subtitles for a variety of officially licensed TV programs and movies which have been released on bittorrent. It started as a temporary repository of my translations of NRK (Norwegian TV) programs, and has expanded to include movies. As of 2014, sadly, NRK's BitTorrent servers are offline, so it can be a long slog to fetch episodes. Patience!

  1. Rename or move your original language subtitle files if you wish to keep them.
  2. To download, right-click (Mac: ctrl-click), then "Save As" or "Save Link As".
    A correctly downloaded file will have an extension of .SRT (not .TXT).
  3. Drag each subtitle file into the same folder as its matching video file.

Lars Monsen - Nordkalotten365 [NRK] (NO) 2007, 8 episodes.

All 8 subtitle files, in a .zip file: Nordkalotten365.English.Subtitles.zip
Individual episode subtitle files:

  1. Nordkalotten365.E01b.1024x576.H264.NRK.srt - Monsen follows the dream (1 of 8)
  2. Nordkalotten365.E02.1024x576.H264.NRK.srt - New traveling companion (2 of 8)
  3. Nordkalotten365.E03.1024x576.H264.NRK.srt - Lars celebrates Christmas and New Year (3 of 8)
  4. Nordkalotten365.E04.1024x576.H264.NRK.srt - The world's northernmost dogsled race(4 of 8)
  5. Nordkalotten365.E05.1024x576.H264.NRK.srt - Our relocation (5 of 8)
  6. Nordkalotten365.E06.1024x576.H264.NRK.srt - Drama in the mountains (6 of 8)
  7. Nordkalotten365.E07.1024x576.H264.NRK.srt - Gold mines and golden eagle (7 of 8)
  8. Nordkalotten365.E08.1024x576.H264.NRK.srt - Last verse in northern Scandinavia (8 of 8)

Der ingen skulle tru at nokon kunne bu [NRK] 2009, 6 Episodes.

In this series, entitled "Where no one would believe that someone could live", hard-to-reach places throughout Norway
are revealed to be thriving homes for the people who love it there.
The NRK site has English subtitles (created by others) for Episode 1, Episode 3, and Episode 4.

330 Squadron [NRK] (NO) 2009, 8 Episodes.

All 8 subtitle files, compressed in a .zip file: 330.skvadronen.English.Subtitles.zip

Safari [NRK] (NO) 2009.


Pentagon, 2008. The Hill Productions


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