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U-CD CH Lesita Leave It To Bosco CDX, NA, CGC
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AWS Partners wishes to extend their sincerest condolences to 
Elizabeth Pannill on her loss of Bosco.


Although we know that each of our companion’s time must eventually come to an end, the loss of Bosco has greatly saddened me.  He was one special dog to us and has affected my life with Keoni every day.  Bosco taught me of the perseverance in the American Water Spaniel.  The handler that Bosco so loved and adored, Elizabeth Pannill, was not only one of my first canine epilepsy support systems, but also by their example taught me how to understand and respect the drive to work in our little brown dogs.  Elizabeth and Bosco have proven themselves to be a phenomenal team in spite of numerous obstacles.  They have been my inspiration throughout Keoni's life to gladly accept whatever he is willing to give and keep a positive outlook in spite of life's hurdles. 


While we grieve for the loss of Bosco, his gift to us is reason to celebrate his life. 


-  Beth Lagimoniere, AWS Partners



A Tribute to Bosco -- by Elizabeth Pannill, DVM


12/31/91 - 04/02/05


Bosco's name was U-CD CH Lesita Leave It To Bosco CDX, NA, CGC.  Bosco's breeders were Les and Bonita Anders of Lake Buchanan, Texas.  The day I went to pick out my puppy my obedience instructor told me to choose the one that retrieved the best. I had several male puppies to choose from 2 had curly coats but one had a wavy coat. The Anders thought I would take a curly puppy but the best retriever was the one with the marcel coat so he was the one that came home with me that day.


Bosco was a Breed Champion (probably my one and only one!!), earned a Dog World Award for his scores in AKC Novice Obedience (196.5, 196.5 and 197)…maybe only the 2nd AWS to do this, and also High In Trial at a UKC trial with a score of 199.  We won several awards for High Scoring Sporting Breed and once High Scoring Dog shown by a DVM.  He truly was one of the best heeling dogs I have owned and gave many a Golden competition in the Obedience Ring.  At one show, an older man came up to me to tell me how much he had enjoyed watching our performance in the Novice Ring. He then introduced him self as Mr. Derringer the AKC Obedience Representative.  He was fun to train because of his willingness to please.  His strong retrieve drive helped a lot too.  Living in Texas, there were never any AWS hunt tests so I never trained for field work.  However, when Bosco was 5 we did have a club field test in Texas.  We went just to watch but everyone talked me into entering him. At first I had my doubts since we had never done any field training.  We lived in the country so he was used the countryside but that was about it.  The shotgun did not bother him and he made the first retrieve to hand (teaching the forced retrieve in obedience had paid off!) He even flushed the bird and retrieved it to hand when it was shot.  This is a dog who never had been trained for this before!  The water retrieve was the only part he really failed that day.  He swam to the duck but made a U turn coming back without it.  Those oily feathers were not to his liking!  I am sure with a little training he would have done that too.  The judges were still impressed and in their written comments said he had shown the most natural ability of any dog that day. 


He was training for Utility but Agility got to me and I started him in Agility.  This was after he lost vision in an eye from an injury.  He easily got his Novice Agility title and had 2 legs towards his Novice Jumpers title when I retired him.  His seizure medication was beginning to make him too sedate to compete and my Lab, Crystal, was starting her "career".  Bosco was diagnosed with late onset epilepsy at age 6 was maintained on twice daily Potassium Bromide and Phenobarbital.  At the time of his death he had been seizure free for 13 months. Despite being retired he remained my constant companion - shadowing me around the house like all AWS do.  A Burmese kitten came to live with us 2 years ago.  Burmese are the color of a Water Spaniel and from Day 1 she picked Bosco as her sleeping partner.  Every evening she would snuggle up right beside him on the couch.  He must have reminded her of "Mom".  This fall I was given a young active Golden and Bosco has shown her how to be my dog.  Birdie followed him around and now stays with me just like he did.  I have gained many friends around the country as a result of having Bosco in my life and for that I am very grateful.


U-CD CH Lesita Leave It To Bosco CDX, NA, CGC
12/31/91 - 04/02/05

Elizabeth has requested that donations be made in Bosco’s memory to the Canine Health Foundation’s Donor Advised Fund:

AWS Partners – Bosco Memorial Fund


Please send your donations directly to:


AKC Canine Health Foundation

AWS Partners - Bosco Memorial Fund

P.O. Box 37941

Raleigh, NC  27627-7941 

(Make checks out to:  "CHF: AWS Partners - Bosco")




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