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2003 AKC Canine Health Foundation Conference ****Table of Contents****
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1. Introduction - by AWS Partners

2. Mucopolysaccharidosis in Dogs: Clinical Signs to DNA Tests

3. Health Surveys: Developing a relevant, Reliable, User-Friendly Survey

4. Genetic Testing and Genetic Counseling: "How Does Genetic Testing Apply to a Breeding Program"

5. CHIC - Canine Health Information Center

6. Financing Canine Health Research

7. Popular Sire Syndrome and Concerns of Genetic Diversity

8. Color Implications in Health

9. Caring for the Health of your Breed

10. Cardiology Update

11. Probiotics to Boost the Immune System

12. Purina Parent Club Partnership Program

13. What is New in Canine Reproduction and That Which Lies Ahead

14. Mechanisms of Hypercoagulability in Dogs with Immune-Medicated Hemolytic Anemia

15. Cancer: Cancer Update

16. Cancer: Molecular Events Leading to Cancer

17. Cancer: Dog Chromosomes and Cancer

18. Cancer: A Novel Model of Canine Hemangiosarcoma: New Opportunity to Confront a Killer

19. Cancer: Genetic Mapping and Analysis of a Canine Hereditary Renal Cancer Syndrome

20. Veterinary Outreach and AKC Pet Healthcare

21. Vaccination Update

22. Advantages for Life: Purina Life Span Study

23. Alternative and Complementary Therapies

24. Canine Genome Sequencing Project

25. Successful Dog Ownership

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Achieving Wellness Solutions in the American Water Spaniel


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