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The specific purposes for which AWS Partners is organized are to secure and provide financial and other support for projects that focus charitable, educational and research efforts on dogs in general and the American Water Spaniel in particular.  One of the objectives shall be:

To provide educational material and available resources on a variety of canine health issues.  To promote educational opportunities available through seminars, conferences and health forums.
In light of this objective, AWS Partners is pleased to share the following links with you.  Don't forget to connect to DogWise through our link at the bottom of each page.  They will donate a percentage of the proceeds from your order to the Keoni Project for Epilepsy research in the American Water Spaniel.
Please help us in maintaining this page for the benefit of all in need of canine health resources.  If you find a non-working link, or would like to request we add a link or topic, please contact us at .  Thank you!

Health Topic Links of Interest

A - M


Blood Disorders

Canine Hemolytic Anemia


Bone & Joint

Back Disorders Information and Support

Breeding, Whelping and Puppy Care



Digestive Disorders


Eye Disorders


N - Z

Patellar Luxation


Skin Disorders

Spay & Neuter




Dog Vaccines May Not Be Necessary

Rabies Challenge Fund


Colleges of Veterinary Medicine

Research Support

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Achieving Wellness Solutions in the American Water Spaniel


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