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I would like to share with you the pictures I took with my 8 inch telescope and a simple CCD camera.


This collection is a catalog of pictures taken from Lakeland, Florida, USA. (LAT/LONG = 27.98944/-82.01861)
It contains my best efforts to create quality images of astronomical objects using simple amateur level tools, and it also documents my progress in working with those tools.

Prospects for new images:

Clear Sky Clock for Winter Haven

If you are looking for free images to spice up your own web page, please go somewhere else. NASA has images that are much better and in the Public Domain, my pictures are copyrighted. For some high quality pictures I will consider publishing them under GFDL at Wikimedia Commons. Again, look there for freely available images.

Due to space limitations for this site, I only have PNG and GIF images with medium resolution available for you. But those are good enough for my current CCD images, most of the time.

October 20, 2006
We are back "in business". The nights are clearer, now, albeit there is still very much of the Florida moisture around. Check out my last picture, which include the comet 4P/Faye on another of its many observed perihelia (since the year 1843). It has already reached magnitude 9, about three weeks before its closest approach to the sun.
Clear skies to all!

September 20, 2006
This was a great night for star gazers! A cool front swept away all the clouds and most of the humidity, and I caught a few nice pictures, including M57, M2 and Uranus. There will be new pictures, soon!

Latest pictures
Uploaded 2006/11/19: M39 - taken 2006/11/20
Uploaded 2006/11/09: M71 - taken 2006/10/30
Uploaded 2006/11/02: M27 in color - taken 2006/10/30
Uploaded 2006/10/30: The Moon's terminator - taken 2006/10/30
Uploaded 2006/10/22: M30 - taken 2006/10/21
Uploaded 2006/10/21: M29 - taken 2006/10/21
Uploaded 2006/10/21: M56 - taken 2006/10/21
Uploaded 2006/10/21: Comet 4P/Faye - taken 2006/10/21
Uploaded 2006/10/21: (7471)1991 YD - taken 2006/10/21
Uploaded 2006/10/21: M74 - taken 2006/10/21
Uploaded 2006/10/16: NGC6712 - taken 2006/10/09
Uploaded 2006/10/16: M75 - taken 2006/10/09
Uploaded 2006/10/16: M11 - taken 2006/10/09
Uploaded 2006/10/16: M26 - taken 2006/10/09

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