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Caryn Leschen is a graphic artist and copywriter who knows that having been a cartoonist is the best possible preparation for the real world. Born in Queens, New York, to parents who strongly resemble Lucy & Ricky Ricardo, it became apparent at an early age that humor and doing art were the only way to get through life.

Food, real estate, technology and kids-and-parenting markets are her specialties. She likes to collect old cooking pamphlets with their odd recipes for things involving marshmallows and cream of mushroom soup. Good old-fashioned illustration and design—and painstaking copywriting—are her inspiration. Recently Caryn was delighted to discover the Holy Grail of Bad Recipes in a spiral-bound fundraising cookbook: Spam Sushi.

Aunt Violet Productions offers professional graphics services that include web and print design and layout, corporate identity, illustration, and all manner of marketing materials from ads to brochures. We do top-notch catalog and marketing copywriting for clients that include Gump's of San Francisco, Sun Microsystems, Visa Corporation, Google and many other high-profile companies, and well as smaller start-ups and businesses. And if Caryn can't do it, someone on her experienced team of professionals certainly can.

Call Caryn at Aunt Violet Productions in San Francisco at 415.282.0346 or 415.260.8488. You can also email auntviolet@earthlink.net.

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About Caryn Leschen

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