The crew of the Organ Factory c. 1915

Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan

Names of those working at the Organ Factory, extracted from the 1910 Ann Arbor census.

Following the name is age, title and home address.

Fred Reichenmacker, 44, Foreman, 84 W. Washington

Phillip Gauss, 61, Cabinet maker, 324 S. 7th St.

Fred Gauss, 26, Tuner, 324 S. 7th St.

George Visel, 58, Cabinet maker, 523 W. Liberty

George Visel, 20, Cabinet maker, 523 W. Liberty

Joseph Greve, 54, Cabinet maker, 611 W. Liberty

Elizabeth Armbruster, 31, Stenographer, 427 W 4th St.

Albert Hochner, 41, Driver, teamster, 530 W. 6th St.

Robert Reichenmacker, 31, Machine hand,

Adam Schlecht, 46, Carver, 230 S. 7th St.

John Gauss, 34, Wood carver, 530 S. 7th St.

Herman Volz, 22, Finisher, 513 S. 4th St.

Wuthen(?) Heber, 53, Machinist, 122 W. 6th St.

Victor Allmendinger, 23, Tuner, 719 W. Washington


In addition to these people my grandfather, Edwin Otto Graf, worked at the factory and is in the upper right hand corner of the picture next to the X. I do not know the identities of any of the other men. If you can make an ID, I'd appreciate knowing.

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