The Birthday Book of Hulda Layher of Saline, Washtenaw County, Michigan

This book, published in german, was given to her by Lydia Vogel. There is no entry for the year of the gift. Most entries do not have years, but it is hoped the month and day will be of help. It will also give an idea of one circle of friends in Saline. The book was continued, at least thru the 1940’s. Hulda was born 25 March 1900. She married first, Schmid and second Cary Cecil. Most of the entries are in the birthday persons handwriting.

7 Kay Wenger
Dave Wenger
9 Erwin Schmid
11 Lydia Vogel 1898
17 Paul H. Ehnis
Emma Fischer age 19 -16
18 Ester Sturm
21 Berth Klumpp
24 Harold Wagner
Neltie Schleh
28 Emma Seitz

4 Mary Lou
Allene Wright
20 Adolph Layher
22 Stell Michell

14 Loretta Luckhard
17 Hazel Der
20 Karl Huber
21 Florence Rogers
25 George J. Schmid, Sr.

9 Clarence Wurster
19 Gladys Haney
28 Minnie Herthler
29 Julia Layher
31 Lillie Barreith

2 Margrel Rentchler
Ruth Graf
3 J. Shmetz
4 McKinly Pilbean
Maud Schmid
10 Julia Dunn
11 G. Schmidt, Jr.
12 Ruth Layher (Hulda’s sister)
14 Peg Raffee
15 Stella Westphal
16 Luella Sturm
19 Arthur Layher
Jean Russell
25 Lillian Alber
Hulda Layher
Hazel Tripp
Tommy Shurtz
27 Marie Layher (Hulda’s sister)

9 Luella Braun

1 Neal Kenneth Wieyer
6 Gertrude Huber
11 Olga L. Wenger (Hulda’s sister)
Alfred Schmid 9 years old
Rudolph Layher
12 Jr. Wagg 26 Eliot Mitchell
Martha Layher
Keith Wenger

8 Lucille Schmid
10 Julie Fischer
13 Marie Schmid
15 Miss Ole Parish
16 Edith Herthler
27 Cary Cecil

2 George Geisel 1895

2 Betty Wolfe
3 Luella Lahyer
8 Willie Lahyer
11 Vi Shurtz
28 Marcia Wagg
30 Emma Steudle
Laura Schleh

11 Thema Schnirring
16 Harold Layher
23 Frieda Gross 15 years

3 Anna Koegler
Julia Hartmann 13 years old
25 Willie Schmid
29 Karl Wenger
31 Fred Lahyer, Sr.

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