A Plea to Arabs and Muslims from an American Christian
(Arabic translation published in al-Quds al-Arabi (London) 25 October 2001)

I am an American Christian.  Not many agree with me and my friends about America’s new war, but even now there are a few of us – and if the Arab and Muslim world handles this wisely, there could be many more.

Six to nine months ago my friend’s wife recounted a dream she had dreamed back in 1999.  She was standing on a high mountain looking east over the whole United States before her.  As she watched, two whirlwinds formed close together.  Presently a missile, labeled USA, emerged from each one, and she knew they carried nuclear warheads.  We prayed that God would show us if this dream was from Him, and if so, what did it mean?

I think we now have our answer!  The war the USA is now undertaking will be more cruel than any other it has waged before, and not against a nation of 35 million, but against a region of 700 million or more which can return blows in the American heartland as the Vietnamese were unable to do.  It will progress to unrestrained savagery abroad and a brutal popular tyranny at home, in which those of us who hold to truth and refuse to join in American pride and self-righteousness will be persecuted without mercy, along with the 7 million or more Muslims and Christian Arabs here.  It is written in Revelation 13:4 concerning the beast that the whole world will worship the beast and say, “Who is like the beast, and who can wage war with him?”  George W. Bush, in promising that when he is done no one will dare to wage war against the United States, commits himself to bringing this prophecy to fulfillment.  And yet - through prayer, repentance, and intelligent action, might it yet be averted in our day?

Bush’s ultimatum to Afghanistan is just like the one Austria issued against Serbia to start World War 1.  Like that one, this ultimatum is designed not to be accepted but to give the USA an excuse to crush Afghanistan and radical Islam, just as Austria designed its ultimatum as an excuse to crush Serbia and the bomb-throwers who took refuge there.  Austria didn’t realize where that would end, and neither does the USA.  As Jeremiah wrote, “They are mad (boastful and arrogant) over fearsome idols” – the missiles, bombs, and other means of death which they have fashioned, and in which they trust.

Our President has blasphemously promised to “rid the world of evildoers,” which only God can do in His good time.  And if Mr. Bush could do this, would he include the evildoers who have crafted an embargo to target children, human beings made in God’s image, whom this embargo is killing like gnats?

As some Muslims fail to realize, the USA is in no way a Christian country – and few American Christians fully dare to face this fact.  It is an aggressively idolatrous pagan empire that worships itself, the descendant and reincarnation of Nineveh and Tyre, of Babylon and pagan Rome, which includes Jesus as a lesser divinity in its pantheon, but which in no way submits to His word.  As Solomon said, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower and the righteous runs into it and is safe,” but in contrast, “The rich man’s wealth is his strong city, and a high wall in his own imagination.”  Where does the USA run for refuge – to the God of truth, or to its limitless wealth in money, in instruments of death, and in seductiveness?  What does the confidence of the USA have in common with the word of Jesus of Nazareth?  What fellowship do the people of God have with idols, American or otherwise?

If victory is to military might, where are the South African apartheid regime and the Soviet Union?  Arabs, both Muslim and Christian, and all other Muslims have a common interest with American Christians – that we might turn back the bloody hands of the corrupt and violent gods of the American Empire.        

Just as Americans would do better by understanding Muslims, the targets of American wrath must understand American culture in order to turn back their adversary.

Christians in the USA do know the slaughter in its abortion clinics, and it does bother them a little. Persistently reminding them of this wanton bloodshed could lead them to truly realize that the USA is indeed one nation under Molech, the god who drinks the blood of children, and not under the true God, as it boasts in its insolence.  Early and often, Americans need to be reminded that the tally on 11 September was less than the sum of their own children fed by their own hands to their gods of convenience and financial gain on that very day and the day before.  The USA devours Iraqi children because it first devours its own.  Should Christians be unequally yoked with a nation such as this?

The authors of the present American war madness know that they are vulnerable at this point – see how they flew at the throats of Falwell and Robertson for bringing it up.  Falwell and Robertson were mistaken in that they too walked in American self-righteousness as they identified the sins of other people as the problem, rather than our own sins as Christians.   Do we not share in worshipping America, in adoring American power and wealth, and in despising the powerless?  And yet they revealed this fissure in American unity, which the wise may use to oppose this madness, as happened in the case of Vietnam.  

Do not target the whole of the USA.  Target its gods, and drive a wedge between them and those who profess to follow Jesus of Nazareth.  In so doing, you will do good not only to us but to yourselves.

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