The Deaf and Dumb Church

Why We Cannot Hear, Why We Are Not Heard


1.  Jesus Christ, Crucified
    “We preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified”
     Christ the Nigger
     Why do we hate and fear the cross?
     Hating the cross: roots in history
     Hating the cross: its fruit today

2.  The Long Decline of Evangelical Faith
     A lesson from the past
     Wasting away in the Christian ghetto
     God frees us from error by means of our opponents
     The way of Jeroboam
     The failure of evangelical doctrine
     The failure of evangelical witness to the world
     The failure of evangelical church life
     True doctrine - straight thinking from a renewed mind
     Arrogance and timidity, the fruit of human tradition

3.  Where Do We Find the Word of God?
    To hear God is to hear the cry of the poor and the blood of the innocent
     To find the word of God anywhere, we must receive the love of  the truth
     God's first authoritative revelation
     God's word has authority because it is under authority
     The word of God rests on manifest truth, not on dogmatic  assertions
     The six days of creation

4.  The Uniqueness of the Bible
     A serious problem - how can we recognize what is canonical?
     Another serious problem - the word of God made into a lie
     The word of God stands out from all else as light stands apart  from darkness
     How does the Bible measure up?
     A final word about the canon of Holy Scripture

5.  How Champions of the Spirit Resist the Holy Spirit
    We fail to answer the valid concerns of others, although we want God to answer ours
     We resist what the Holy Spirit really says
     We resist what the Holy Spirit really does
     We resist the Spirit of Truth
     Some even teach us to believe whatever we please!
     Why do Christians everywhere resist the Holy Spirit?

6.  How Champions of the Bible Profane the Word of God
     How do critics of charismatic experience often make  themselves hard to hear?
     What does the Bible say about experience?
     What does exalting the Bible over experience mean in practice?
     Peter's vision - how God delivered him from the prison of his  own understanding (Acts 10, 11)
     Denying the reality of revelation today - the unintended   consequences

7.  How Can We Understand the Word of God?
     What makes people suspicious of careful Bible study?
     Listen carefully to what it really says
    When perplexed or dissatisfied, ask God questions, instead of first trying to figure it out
     Let perplexity fill you with questions
     Honor "little" things and "little" people, and do not favor the great
     To really understand it we must do it
     Remember that you are not necessarily brighter than Jesus and the Prophets!
     Search the word to find out how you're wrong, and not to prove  you're right
     "However you want people to treat you, so treat them, for this  is the Law and the Prophets"
     Finally, make place for the Teacher

8.  Receiving the Holy Spirit
     What is "spirit?"
     What is "holiness?"
     The nature of the Spirit of God
     How does the Holy Spirit bring us to life?  The new birth
     Baptism into the body of Christ
     Being led by the Holy Spirit - the case of Abraham
     How can we have the Holy Spirit?
     Is the Holy Spirit given only at conversion?
     Why do believers need to ask for the Holy Spirit?
     The Baptism in the Holy Spirit
     Yielding to the Spirit and being filled with the Spirit

9.  Gifts of the Holy Spirit
     First, some simple truth
     Speaking in tongues
     Gifts of Healings

10. The Road to Real Unity
     Why does pleasing myself not work?
     A name for ourselves, or life in the Name?
     Laodicean "life," or friendship with God?
     The discipline of God - what's in it for us?
     The Lord's reproof delivers us from legalism and self- condemnation
     The Lord's discipline assures us that we're His and that he  won't reject us
     Discipline heals us, and those who accept it receive the Holy  Spirit
     God's discipline cures the injuries we've received from  abusive authority
     By experiencing God's discipline we learn to rule as He does
     Can we really desire to deny ourselves?
     The road to unity in truth


Copyright (C) 2002 by Peter Attwood.

Material from CHARISMATIC CHAOS is taken from the book CHARISMATIC CHAOS by John F. MacArthur, Jr. Copyright (C) 1992 by John F. MacArthur, Jr.  Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.

Except as otherwise noted, Scripture is taken from the New American Standard Bible (C) 1960, 1962, 1963, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977 by the Lockman Foundation, and is used by permission.  "Thou," "Thee," and "Thy" are rendered "You" and "Your" in accordance with modern English usage, and the literal renderings from the marginal notes are used where pertinent. Passages marked NKJV are from the New King James Version, copyright (c) 1979, 1980, Thomas Nelson Inc., Publishers.

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