April 8, 2006




Dear Mr. Humphries,


I am writing to you about what is happening in your Cityxxx office to three little kids that have grown dear to me – Child#1, Child#2, and Child#3 Lastname.  Your social worker in Cityxxx assigned to their case is FFA-SW.


I got acquainted with them while they lived in the house of their great aunt and her family.  I saw them get good steady parenting, maybe for the first time in their lives, because their mother was in bad shape at the time, and indeed has only begun to get her life together.  Due to various circumstances that have since changed, as detailed in paperwork which the court will consider on April 12th,  their aunt wanted them moved to the home of Fosterfamily#1, who had represented themselves as Christian friends. 


As soon as Fosterfamily#1 had the kids, they cut off all communication with their family, contrary to their prior undertaking to pursue reunification, because they wanted to adopt them themselves.  Their love seems to have been rather conditional, since they gave an ultimatum to LADCFS and your Cityxxx office that they would invoke their 14-day option to get them out of their home if they had to deal at all with their family.  Accordingly, contrary to the minute order from the court, your Cityxxx office and LADCFS complied.  The kids were forbidden to call their family, and Child#3 was even put on time-out for asking.  Child#2 had specifically extracted this promise before they went to the Fosterfamily#1 house, and in this they betrayed him.  Moreover, Fosterfamily#1 played videos during phone calls with their mother in order to seduce the kids away from their family, and gave them lots of sticky candy to buy their affection, so that in three months they all got many cavities, 8 in Child#1’s case.  While the mother was visiting, Fostermother#1 took a call from her husband and interrupted their visit to tell them, “Daddy’s on the phone; come talk to Daddy!”


Since they could not wholly flout the orders of the court, Fosterfamily#1, LADCFS, and your Cityxxx office had to allow some contact, which their aunt and mother insisted on in the face of CSW Dolores Simpson Taylor’s threat to scatter the children among different homes to punish them and the family if they did not accede to her wishes to have the kids stay with Fosterfamily#1, isolated from their family until Fosterfamily#1 could adopt.  Your office and Ms. Taylor carried out this threat in part by moving them to another foster home, although not separating them.


The new foster mother has also stated that she wants to adopt, and explained to their mother that the Bible says that God takes children away from ungodly people and gives them to the godly.  The home is evidently quite harsh.  When their mother saw them on their last visit, they clung to her and begged her not to make them go back there.  The foster mother disapproved of Child#2’s toys on religious grounds and therefore took them away from him, the only familiar thing he had left.  I am reminded of how Jesus said to the Pharisees that if they knew the meaning of “I desire mercy and not sacrifice,” they would not have condemned the guiltless.  If this new foster mother knew that God desires mercy and not sacrifice, she would not have sacrificed an already traumatized and terrified little boy to her religious scruples.  If she reads in her Bible that God allowed David to have several wives and allowed Lot to stay in Zoar, could she not have likewise let Child#2 keep his X-men toys rather than further traumatize him?


While I was perusing the Alpha Treatment Centers file yesterday morning at Riverside CCLD, I found an incident report in which it was noted that the foster parent needed to be told that it was against the law and regulations for her to impose her religious views on the children in her care – that that is the business of the child, or if too young, the child’s parent.  Thus your office has acted unlawfully in permitting this especially cruel deprivation to be inflicted on Child#2 to serve the foster mother’s religious scruples.


The foster mother has stated that Child#2 now pees himself constantly, which he never did before, and that he even screams in terror at night.  When he was picked up last night for his weekend visit, we found a significant bruise on his right arm, which his attorney’s representative promptly photographed to have it determined whether he got this from being hit by another boy in the home named Jake as he says, who Child#1 also says frequently hits him, or whether it was caused by an adult finger grasping him harshly, which is what it looked like.


All three show signs of being significantly traumatized by what LADCFS in co-operation with your Cityxxx office has been doing to them, but since I’m not one of the parties in this dispute, you may be wondering why I think it’s my business to take this up with you in this way.  I’ll explain it like this.


As a Marriage and Family Therapist, a professional required by the state of California to report any incident of apparent child abuse that you come across, I’m sure you’ll understand that as a human being I am required to do the same, though not by the state of California. 


In my reading yesterday morning I happened on Psalm 41, which reads, “Blessed is he that considers the helpless; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.  The Lord will preserve him and keep him alive, and he will be blessed on the earth.”  To me that seems sufficient cause for me to consider these helpless little people and the abuse that they are being subjected to at this moment, and the grave damage already evident in them in a very short time.  If I were in their position, I would want anyone aware of my plight to intervene.  I am therefore obliged to do likewise for these little ones, so far as it is in my power.  I am not looking for needless contention, but my brokerage account will not flinch from whatever must be done in court or through public shame of the perpetrators to deliver these children from their tormentors and to exact such compensatory and punitive damages on their behalf as a good lawyer can, if that will put a stop to this behavior.   


This is indeed child abuse by your Cityxxx office and the County Social Worker, Dolores Simpson Taylor.  Child abuse under color of authority, but child abuse all the same.  Since you surely did not become a therapist in order to wreak such destruction on little people, I think it’s safe to assume that you have not known about this matter and your agency’s part in it, and that you will not want it to continue.  You can’t control LADCFS, but you can stop your people from participating in this vicious game of jerking these little kids around to torment them in order to punish their family for wanting to care for them, attempting to induce them in the face of this cruelty to give up and let them be adopted out. 


This is too much like an interrogator torturing someone’s children in front of him in order to break him.  That both sets of foster parents in which your agency has placed them consider themselves entitled to grab someone else’s kids because they consider themselves of a superior religion calls to mind the kidnapping of Jewish children in the Middle Ages to raise them as Christians, or the kidnapping of Indian children by Roman Catholic missionaries in Canada a hundred years ago for the same purpose – deeds which Jesus did not do.  I trust that when you look into this you will not find it OK either.  


This continued abuse is visibly damaging these kids day by day, and it demands your urgent attention as the CEO of Alpha Treatment Centers, as a therapist, and as a decent human being.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this case.







Peter Attwood


4368 Village Drive Apt C

Chino Hills, CA 91709