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Honda parts from 1960 to 1975

Located in Sunny St. Petersburg, Florida

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Thats me on the back, my son, and his friend. 60 miles north east of Kramer Junction (hwy 395/58) in the Mojave Desert of California. Located on an old Edwards AFB or rather Muroc Army Air Corps gunnery range, we used a GPS to find it. This is a motorcycle memorial. Cool!!
Parts Page, Click ME!

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Vacation or Retirement lot in Northern Arkansas, CLICK HERE.

S90 Batteries, NOS, $35.00 shipped in the US.

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NOS CL72/77 Battery's , These are the right size for these motorbikes. $40.00 shipped in the US.

CT90 / CT200 Parts, New/Used, Some NOS

CT90/110 battery's, $15.00 shipped in the US. (Dry charged)

CT90/CS90 piston & ring sets, std, S1, S2, S3 sizes.

Z50, QA50, CT70 motorbikes & parts, check out this site, if he dosen't have it you don't need it,FIRST KICK

Motorcycles bought, sold & traded here.

Need parts? Ronnie Cramer's Web Index. ALL Bikes.

Fuel tank re-sealing & cleaning done here! Or I have the complete kits for the "Do-It Your Selfer", $65.00,+ shipping.

POR15 Paint Dealer, STOP RUST in it's tracks! Cleaners, sealers, paint.
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350 FlatTracker, not bad for a 40 yr old rig.

*NOS Parts For Sale*!!!!!!

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Updated: November 20th, 2009

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