PLUTO is a teacher and can be used for personal renewal, rebirth especially by churning the unconscious to achieve PLUTO REBIRTH. The PHOENIX LESSON. Where you create the death of old, crooked ways and replace that habit with a new, better ethos.

To find out what you are in school for, what class, theme, lesson, on a day when the MOON links with PLUTO, ask yourself, what do I continually do that's me at my worst. What do I evade? What do I choose to do. Can't get answers? Write stream of consciousness. Work on a page in your JOURNAL. Do lesson teaching to young  people as you'll always find yourself wagging a finger teaching the very lesson you yourself should learn.

Talk to and listen to friends, letting them weep on your shoulder, remembering the lessons you want to learn again yourself, even as you teach them again. On Pluto days, read books, stroll in bookstores, espesh New Age bookstores so you can leaf through the new age books of Byron Katie, Neal Walsch, Marianne Williamson.

Days PLUTO and MOON link, seek to embrace rebirth which will immediately increase your powers.

Learn THIS one law. THERE IS NO bad luck, no foul fiend friend, no trouble, no ZERO down here. You see mud, you see bad people, you see jobs that seem foul, coworkers who are weasels, maybe you see no job at all but it ain't a zero. PUT all those negative thoughts behind the zero door and lock it. Cuz your thoughts are something very heavy. Your way of seeing things can be negative or a zero and create more negative zeros for you. So stick neg thoughts in the ZERO closet. It's a magical kind of closet where all the psychic junk you store goes into the Twilight Zone and doesn't come back! That is a FIBBER Mc Gee closet where it disappears!

So let me give you the pep talk about building a door in your mind where you toss the concepts like "I am mistreated, I am lost, I lost that job, so now I'm behind the eight ball. I do not make a good impression, people don't like me!" Throw this trash behind THE ZERO DOOR. All those, "jeez I'm jobless again, eek, I'm starting with zero, I'm too old, --- those twisted concepts have to go behind the door with all the fears that your ego has, lack of survival, lack of roof, food, which your ego tracherously, maliciously shares with you, because the EGO WANTS TO DO ONE THING, and one thing only: KILL YOU!

EGO is your worst enemy, and its sharing negblab with you every second? WORST PASSTIME!! The Ego thinks it sees faults and lacks and merde in ourselves and life. Its virulent neg mind leaps at ANYTHING, getting fired, being disliked by some weasel, all the things that in truth are really A BIG OPPORTUNITY. If you met and befriended a varmint, what is it about you that made you do it? Now you learned varmint behavior and you got a fab lesson out of the 'friendship.' IF these scum HATE YOU, malign you, great, it means you belong elsewhere than where the weasel is! See?

There is no Absolute Zero. Thinking you're at Zero is real deceptive so throw the thought away into the closet where it will diappear. ON days that PLUTO is with MOON --- that's a day for dumping the ballast, tossing bad habits. Power thru watching your mental ticker tape as the MASTER JULES called it. What is in your skull is what you attract! Metaphysical law.

PLUTO is also about the desire for POWER which in itself has a dark coin side of fear you won't get the power and that kicks YOU into the zero door feet fastest!

PLUTO should be about passion, your passion for your work, the things you do, your talents. Those passions attract power and do not get you thrown down to zero.

Pluto is about charm, magnetism, seduction, POWER strategies, "winning folks over" which handled in homeopathic micro doses is just fine. You promise them the truth, they are going to win, you are going to promise to do the work. And vow it and mean it. You will get what you need from them.

Move up the Pluto ladder. PLUTO's higher level, or octave is about respect for the LAWS of SUCCESS, attracting MONEY. So go beyond your usual interpretation of the law of success which sez SUCCESS IS SOMEONE WITH THIS TITLE and this wallet and of course that means "I AM A FAILURE, SUCCESS IS OVER THERE. I'm here."

Hey, rethink that. THE LAW is: " There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday. THERE is no past, no problem, no future, and most important you have no need. YOU ARE A huge SUCCESS NOW because you are smart, talented, a worker, you have things you're passionate about and do better than GOD! YOU ARE GOING somewhere based on THAT. You don't have even have to TRY VERY HARD. Just be in the FOX COMMISSARY with pink cheeks, coming out from under the table, but do NOT be thinking you're a ZERO. THE LOTUS blooms in MUD. MUD is OK! You don't have to be a LOTUS RIGHT NOW. MUD is ok at some stage cuz lotuses require it. So, throw that NEED TO GO SOMEWHERE, that need to be something out, behind the zero door but don't throw the baby out with the dishwater. The baby is what turns you on.

When you are turned on by the people, the propositions, the work, the learning you can discard that NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO. JUST be simple and do simple. Do what you care about. The only thing that exists is now. BUT, here's a Big But. As long as you maintain and entertain yourself with the same pulsating thoughts of need, fear, want, anxiety, apprehension, worrying about the future, expectations, hoping that something will change to make your life better, in a future time frame, you will suffer.

To this time frame be true. Be here and now. Small focus. Be PINK CHEEKED, living in this moment, now, the PRESENT without remembrance of losses in the past, thought for gains in the future.

Stop wasting your time with large frame thinking, with STRUGGLE which produces anguish which is producing (or attracting) the very things that you don't want: FAILURE.

Whichever way you spend your time in the moment, in the present now (which is all there is) remember that NOW creates the next now and the next and the next reality for you, so be in the moment. Like a ballerina EN POINT.

Since the moment is all there is, the only opportunity you have is in the moment to be still and look at yourself and be totally conscious and not worry about anything and have a great life. As words mean a LOT to people, YOU have to be able to use them positively. (THIS MEANS to affirm to the next person you see that he is great, but also affirm to him that YOU are great. YOU ANNOUNCE, you even VOW, PROMISE that you will deliver high level work. Because you have integrity, they will listen and see truth. EVEN bullshitters see and can spot truth in your words. MAYBE especially They! So say "I AM GREAT this way, I can do THIS and I WILL DO THIS. Hire me I WILL DO THIS."

You can actually shift or transform yourself by immediately using these little bits of knowledge here. Practice what's here in this document today. Then tomorrow. One day at a time.

Do not go backwards into your MIND habits drawn by the talky brain into the ZERO ROOM. Do not endure the self abuse that you have been using to keep yourself stuck in the ZERO room. HIDDEN away from the truth. THE TRUTH IS that you are talented. As the Master JULES SAID: "The abuse is the very thing that you do in the moment, in the now, in the only thing that exists which is this present now, --- when you worry and talk to yourself about what doesn't work, (OR the shit that happened to you that's in memory) --what you need, what you fear and what you don't have (that your expectations would have you have to make your life perfect). Your life is perfect if you give up all the worries, speculation and the mind that talks within your head and spend yourself focused on the present by being clear that you are truly the creator of everything that occurs in your life. When you do that, then you propose to yourself, the very things in the moment and do the very things and create the very actions in the moment, and the reactions, which create abundance, prosperity, fearlessness, happiness, joy, harmony, balance, growth, deep feelings and experiencing of your power to create that which you envision as your goal, as your commitments, as the results, and out comes your desire to have. and you spend all your time in the present moment, waking or dreaming, just being in that state of being present with yourself, knowing that your word is law in the universe, your vision and way of being and your way of reacting is what's creating your reality!" THE MASTER JULES. Want another chapter? I have l00, and they made him a multi millionaire so ask for them and read them! HIS WEBSITE is HERE.

NOW, use that silence, now law and stay out of the zero room. Use that affirmative languaging power for getting a job or pitching then 'closing' a deal, even though you thought you were shot down in the past.

PLUTO rules "THE RISING of the PHOENIX from the flames." Just when you thought it was over. Throw that feeling and any other thoughts like it behind the zero door. Rise from your own final exit out of your creative POWER, ACTIVE, FIERY calm. Post Meditational states.

SUN/PLUTO linked with MOON can give us tokens of affection from those in power. OR wisdom that give power, talismans of power. Or we send a token, to those in power. Talismans that represent power to give? LARGE STONES, lapis, quartz, on a hanger thingie, or for their altar.

A PLUTO hours (given at my website in the free dailies) is also a great time to go to gemologist, buy some gift-lapis, chalcedony, etc. Semi precious power stones, or quartz crystals. Carnelian for Mars ruled folks, Moonstone for Moonchildren. Amethyst for Aquarius.

On PLUTO days note that lively, YANG Conversations of brisk intelligence, wit occur. Our socializing skills are seen. There's great fun in being candid, taking risks. Transformation is nigh. It's easy to CHANGE habits, thoughts, perceptions, philosophies, habits now. Discard the old snake skin, a PLUTO metaphor, Reptiles are PLUTO... but the idea is to discard our old ways, habits, SAMENESS. TO BE THE SAME is a kind of ENTROPY. We're only improving when we're doing 180's. Don't be afraid of 'em.

PLUTO in CAPRICORN shows career goals, a need for survival assurances. It is a bus ride to a higher status. It's about your seizing personal power then joining the RULERS of your village so that you can  change the world.  Pluto is a strong planet and it's in a strong sign. PEOPLE have always marshalled the strength when things got TOUGH ENOUGH. In our case, we have to do the work (A CAPRICORNIAN KEYWORD) and SHOW UP AS A DOER, a WORKER, someone with a STATUS. So branding ourselves and our work is important. LEARN TO MERCHANDISE YOURSELF.  WHAT DO YOU WORK ON? Do you wake up have breakfast and get right on it? Or do you dawdle? Try not to by keeping a no nonsense LIST by your PC screen, in MARKER not pen, BIG LETTERS, "TO DO, TO CALL, TO BUY, TO WRITE. RO READ" YOUR LIST is a big part of this change.

The only ZERO you want is starting with zero neg concepts about yourself and your limits and the concept of failure. Throw failure  behind the zero door with all the fears our survival minded ego thinks it sees.

NOW IS the first day of your new habits so it's A BIG OPPORTUNITY, no zero here.  Zero is deceptive, sounds like a bummer but it is the very start of all things good, all rise up the path to the peak of the mountain. LOVE the beginnings.  Throw away eyeglasses that tell you NOW is ZERO and throw away any mental trash that sez zero isn't fab and you aren't fab and send it all into the zero room! BANISH thinking that you know as you're prone to moments of doubt.  GOD didn't die and make you GOD. GOD is GOD and he's working thru what you're doing right now, what you're being. He is kind of an automatic pilot who reacts to your passions, loves, talents. Your commitment to work.