so you can NAIL A VERY YANG MAN!


 My friend's daughter wrote me today. "I'm in love with a very rich, important, famous sports star. We're dating. Any thoughts?" I wrote her that she was such a career girl! How could a guy like him, so yang, so powerful, so macho, not drive her to a fit of jealousy, temper and then madness. She confessed that he did, all the time!

I went out in the yard watering. thinking about her, a lanky strong, sassy, independent, boyish career girl making a ton of money, off with this big hulking sportstar. I thought that she and he did not fit yin yang profile of opposites attracting. She was as much as a guy as he was. Only she was not a man. She was a girl who wanted to get married.

So I wrote her, "you'd have to do a lot of yoga, no caffeine, to yin out to the point that you might START TO fit the profile of the yin woman, i.e. the usual gorgeous, dumb, relaxed models, soft, all soft curves, all yielding flesh ---not the coiled spring you are but the magnolia blossom butterfly that these ARIES type males MARRY. THEY DATE YANG girls but they don't marry them. They don't get HARD CORE SEDUCED OR IN LOVE WITH THEM. You are not yin to his yang now.

YOGA, vegan diet, no caffeine can create yinness. You get soft, mellow, slow it's a new you. It's also useful for prolonging youth, beauty also as you don't age that way. So start now. He's on tour so he's not around, right? I know you can't plan when he'll next see you, next catch you in this yin state. So you have to be there permanently so that when he's in town you can't be caught unexpectedly off guard or anything.

So I'm out in the yard watering and coming up with that thought..... and she writes back and says that these had been the exact problem.

I told her. When you lose the COILED SPRING PERSONALITY, that INTENSE dynamic, the one which has an inner tape that goes like this: "I WANT-- I NEED TO THINK--- I NEED TO GET X, Y, Z" and just become meditation minded, a perpetual Alpha Wave, she'll be lovable, relaxed, beautiful that she will definitely have this guy more genuinely in love with her.

"INSTEAD of all wired, mental & chatty,--- you instead get into a state where you hang out in the now. The eternity sign is over your head. You have a blank, sweet look on your face. Ever seen a baby critter? That wide eyed little baby look? Marilyn Monroe blank, sweet face.

That's what yin girls have all over us POWERFUL career broads who wear a frown of intense thought. The mind of such a yin girl is about 'FULLNESS', JOY, peace. relaxation. THAT girl isn't MENTALLY CHEWING HER GUM, THOUGHTS, THINKING I NEED HIM That girl doesn't NEED him. That girl doesn't want anything. SHE IS/you are in the now state, here and now. Say you're at a party If there's a dweeb at your elbow talking to you, you're nice, kind, listening. You aren't searching the room to see him. No panic button. No desire. If a lot of girls are alone together talking, and you're IN THAT conversation. HE WILL WATCH YOU but you aren't watching back. When you lose the YANG SPIRIT OF THE MALE HUNTER running after a prey with spear in hand, THEN is when you catch him. He walks up to you and impales himself on your hook. So, the metaphysical vibe must change. HE MUST give chase. When a woman chases back, the guy goes "EEK!' and runs the other way. Study the works of the Master  Jules which tell us how to avoid being a congenital DO-er, a Compulsive YAMMERING MIND mini-man. Jules knew a lot about love and money. He is one of the rare masters that teaches you how to get both.
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