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It is useful for parents of small children to be watchful for runny noses but NOT runny noses in the kids. IN THE CATS! A few years ago, I was holding a darling, adored, household pet kitty cat who happened to have a cold. She had smelly respiratory phegm and suddenly, she sneezed!

I felt mucus enter my eye. SPLATT! An hour later, I had a massive sore throat, HIGH FEVER, and in a few days, that same cat odor in the phlegm in my lung and it lasted 15 days total-- getting worse each day, with chills, bone aches, inability to move from bed. And I was a healthfooder who hadn't had a cold or flu in twenty years!

I tended this feline microbial pneumonia with OJ, carrot juice, exotic herbs like echinecea, astralagus and Vit C. Neither California herbs nor my immune system recognized the bug. Disease progressed into a lung bronchitis with bad chest/lung phlegm (in spite of my vegie lifestyle, "mucus-free" California root and nut diet, no dairy, no meat.) IT JUST PLOWED ME UNDER for a half month total. I had time to think about the cat that did this to me.

The sprayer cat had chronic respiratory problems from a kitten disease which sheíd survived. MOST of my kittens died of it. Virus or Bacteria became resident in her even as an adult. She had a weird odor when disease peaked. Every year sheíd get a sort of bad outrbreak and wheeze with phelgm. And the smell came back and I had to keep her away from other cats. AS MY phlegm had same odd odor, this reinforced feeling that I caught a CAT disease.

Many of my (sometimes as many as 30) cats had this smelly LUNG problem. I knew it was the same disease in all the flock as their PHLEGM had that characteristic odor. When I GOT THE DISEASE it gave me the most violent fever Iíve ever had, joint pain, really bad phlegm lung, unlike flus from my first 40 years of life...and the thing lasted so LONG and was so violent, I knew that I didnít have any little flu or COLD virus that Iíd had before in my life. THIS WAS NEW.

So I get this computer, right. I go surfing looking for vets who have websites, find them, click on "lung diseases" and find the names of all cat lung diseases. I look at a lot of wetbsites. ONE of the lung diseases is myco plasma, so I go elsewhere looking that one up. I find it is implicated in immune system collapse, not AIDS, more like CHRONIC FATIGUE or something.

Holistic writers on the internet have created websites with researches on fact this new, wide-spread plague of auto immune diseases in humans may be caused by contact with cats. Scientists also attribute the massive wave of auto immune diseases in America to bacterial agents, animal mycoplasmas used in warfare, as by Saddam in Iraq, which during first Gulf War, caused a massive amt. of soldiers to come home with chronic fatigue and mycoplasma engendering CFS and arthritis, lupus.

The writers refer to the disease's cause as a bacteria, or spore, found in animals for last few centuries. It is not a virus, like the flu. Itís a pneumococcus which is also a spore type bacteria.

I notice that this microbe can become resident. That means it sleeps in the body, hibernates and becomes active when body is acidic, weak or fatigued. I noticed that fact first by observing my cats! See, for first five years after the disease first hit, WHENEVER I got tired or worn out, I got both the sore throat glands and fever and this FIGHTING STAGE could last a month before my antibodies nailed it. My immune system fought and always won. And then the disease retreated. It was no longer resident, hibernating, chronic or latent. It had gone. (Of course, I had to start eating salads every time I ate meat, and totally swearing off on all forms of flour based foods, from cereals to breads, to baked goods to chips.)

But for a few years there, it was a bother, as it meant a month of CHILLS and feverish feelings, and sleepiness, etc while my body fought it but antibodies began to recognize that bacteria faster. For five years, I'd beat it at the throat glands, and not go into that massive high fever, (103), achey joints, laid out in bed-lung infection with lungs filled with pus.

I noticed that at the tail end of that five year period, when I was in maximum good health, I could beat the mycoplasma in ten days with just fever and sore glands. It never went down into the lungs. If I was having a hard life, not sleeping, not eating well, the FIGHTING-it stage lasted a month and it would touch on the lungs a little. But not as horribly as the first few bouts.

So hereís what I learned on the web, and Iíll quote from my notes: "Examination of the joints of Lupus, Scleroderma and Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers have turned up the very common, feline, mycoplasma bacteria. (It is not really a bacteria, & info on that weird fact follows BELOW) There are 20 known species of Mycoplasma found in sheep, pigs, goats and calves, animals that we generally don't live with but do consume. Does ingestion of rare meat cause this disease to transfer to our bodies? This might be the case if it weren't for one peculiar piece of evidence: the Mycoplasma bacterium is a single cell life form that mimics mushrooms and ferns in that it spreads by airborn spores, hence the name, 'myco' or 'like a mushroom.' The spores are in cat feces and float in the air when feces is dry".

In my case, I know it was a sneeze and spatter that gave it to me. So fecal material may not be as dangerous as rumored. Nonetheless, if you have a compromised immune system, living with an infected cat, or next door to one may possibly transfer this painful, disabling disease to you. As cats are the most frequently owned pet in America, we could be talking about an airborne disaster!

The question is ---does your cat or my cat have it? I no longer have cats who have the lung problem. Twenty years later, the offspring of those sick cats had perfect immunity. A tribute to GOD and EVOLUTION and God's best invention, the ANTI-BODY! But could your cat have it?

Merck Veterinary Manual (pps 760-761) says that 40-45% of chronic, feline upper respiratory diseases are caused by Rhino virus, Herpes virus, Calcivirus, Chlamydia or Mycoplasma. (Last two treatable with minocycline, tetracycline or doxycillin). If you have fresh , new tetracycline in the house already or a friend does, that'll work, but this one med will kill you if it's old. Rare med that'll do that, but it's the ONE

In other words, there are diverse causes of cat-lung problems. Some cats die of a lung affliction, but most will live for years with the bacteria, exhibiting only a light lung mucus, hence becoming carriers. As sneezing or airborn spores can spread Mycoplasma, it would appear that cat owners are at definite risk of getting mycoplasma pneumonia, along with their children getting it, and also having the two terrible disabling diseases that result from chronic mycoplasma, Arthritis and Lupus. But don't throw out the cat with mucus! The danger ceases when cats are treated with anti-biotics like minocycline, tetracycline or doxycillin.

It is possible that cats are not always the cause of Mycoplasma disease in humans. Cats don't get arthritis. Sheep and pigs do! So, in the end, we may find that undercooked lambchops transfer Mycoplasma bacteria to humans, not Fluffy the puss.

If one has the head to be a medical detective, ponder another part of the Mycoplasma puzzle: as Mycoplasma is the bacteria found in joints affected by both rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus one can deduce that the much more frequently diagnosed rheumatoid syndrome might really be undiagnosed Lupus. Only a blood test for antibodies (easy) or a culture of the joint fluid (harder) could tell you for certain but if your bones ache, you might invest in a complete panel of tests.

If it is Mycoplasma, the good news is: this mushroom-like (hence called myco) plasma bacteria that causes my sore throat and Lupus and Arthritis can easily be attacked with anti-biotics. The very harmless Minocycline is the anti-biotic of choice and has worked well in placebo trials. There seem to be very little side effects from it use although it's always good to take a good, multi-flora Acidophillis strain for a few weeks after treatment to replenish friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.

Can the average catowner tell if he has Mycoplasma in his body? You would know. You would have a painfully swollen joint somewhere, a thumb, ankle, foot or wrist but the lung congestion caused by the bacteria would long ago have been confused with a cold that came and went and is now forgotten.

Lupus occurs when the immune system seems to go wild, attacking many of the patient's joints at once. The latest researches with Lupus indicate that the disease can be alleviated (AMA has the patent on the word 'cure' or 'heal') with holistic methods that make use of youth hormones that tone the body's immune system, giving it the ability to fight Mycoplasma naturally, from the inside, with our own antibiodies.

Researchers have used DHEA, a natural body hormone, and precursor stimulant of the body's abilities to make other hormones, hence a "Mother" hormone. Deepak Chopra calls DHEA "the single most significant medical breakthrough in the field of anti-aging/longevity research."

DHEA is found in Mexican Yam Extract and Raw Adrenal Concentrate which will supplement and stimulate the body's own natural DHEA production. Such production naturally ceases with old age. (A loss of hair on the legs, lower body is a symptom of a need for DHEA.) Mexican Squaw vine, Yam and adrenal concentrate are sold in all healthfood stores. They are not toxic, and don't cause cancer the way estrogen can. DHEA is very safe and there appear to be no downsides to its use. In fact, there appears to be a significent upside: Rats live twice as long with a little in their diets!

Researchers have also used Progesterone hormone which the young body produces, and the aging body doesn't, along with Pregnenolone a DHEA precursor. By rejuvenating the body's immune system and making it more like that of a young person, Dr. Davis Lamson, a private practitioner and researcher in Kent, Washington, has had success in backing off arthritis with none of the side effects that the doctors' favorite rheumatism drug, cortisone causes, i.e. osteoporosis.

Some researchers have used another natural substance, DMSO, to transport topically applied hormones into the bones. DMSO is a sulphur oxide that penetrates the skin very easily, as all sulphur will; (you'll recall the ancients soaking their aching bones in sulphur and mineral-rich hot springs?) DMSO is the Vet's favorite shin rub for race horses and is easy to get from equine doctors.

I remember doing Ann Millerís horoscope, visiting her at her Beverly Hills home, completely decorated as she is -- in red white and black!  She complained that the American run of BABES had been hard on her legs, and she was NOT going to do the London run with Mickey Rooney. She had only one hope. She thought she might get a jar of shin rub from her vet. (She must have done it because she opened in London and was a big hit).

Shin Achy People who try this mix DMSO with hormones and a liberal dose of fresh squeezed garlic, (a bacteriacide) and this germ-killing mush is transported into the joints. They warn you to be careful that hands are 100% clean as cosmetics, chemicals, anything that is on your hands will also be carried in through the skin! Sterile bandages wrap the garlicky joint and one goes off to dreamland, smelling like a pizza!

There is much one can read on the subject of aging, aching bones, and youth hormones. The Number #1 Researcher in the field is Dr. Ray Peat, PHD, a nutritional scientist who specializes in Auto Immune diseases. Dr. Peat is a regular contributor to America's best holistic bulletin for doctors, The Townsend Newsletter for Doctors and one of America's most respected medical researchers. He's written many books, thousands of articles for medical journals and has his own newsletter. His book on Progesterone treatment of LUPUS and rheumatoid arthritis is seminal.

TO contact researchers: holistic writer, Dr. Julian Whitaker, c/o his publishers, Dr. Eugene Roberts, City of Hope Medical Ctr, Duarte CA, Dr William Regelson, Virginia Commonwealth Univ. Medical College; Elizabeth Barret Connor, M.D. Dept Community Med, UCSD; Dr. Kenneth Bonnet, Dept of Psych NYU. Send SASE and all will send you research.

I know one should show this material to a doctor and get his OK to do the treatment. Dr. Peat says diagnosed Lupus sufferers should take DHEA, Progesterone, Pregnenolone and DMSO. The hormones are fairly easy to get through holistic pharmaceutical channels.* For dosages, call Dr. Ray Peat, and when you do, get on his mailing list. DMSO is available through an equine vet or through Arizona Healthfoods. +

The criteria for diagnosis of Lupus is by its most common symptoms: photo sensitivity, low leukocytes in blood, anti-DNA antibodies in blood, renal disorder, oral ulcers, body rashes, skin lesions and aching bones and joints. It's easy to see why Lupus in early stages can be mistaken for rheumatoid arthritis. All aching joints are the same in the dark!

According to another Lupus researcher, Dr. Stanley Jacob, MD Oregon Health Sciences University, (the author of 8 textbooks, 140 Medical Journal articles,) one should take DMSO with the anti-biotic Minocycline. As DMSO is a harmless mineral, we can use it orally, in venous transfusion or topically. Always dilute with distilled water. As DMSO is a carrying agent that moves toward the bones, it acts to transport the antibiotic into the affected areas, just as it will transport hormones applied topically.

Dr. Stanley Jacob points out that Mycoplasma is a cellwall-deficient bacteria, hence your usual, activated antibiotics don't work. Luckily Doxycycline, Tetracycline and "Minocin" or Minocycline work well on it, especially, if you add human or vet grade DMSO to the medication.

If anyone suspects his cat has Mycoplasma lung bacteria, he might have the vet outline a cure with Minocycline antibiotic.

The link between cats and arthritis has been known for a long time. In NATURE JOURNAL in 1939, (56 years ago), Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown recounted how he isolated the Mycoplasma Bacterium in rheumatoid joints. It is tragic that the medical community is so slow to listen to holistic researchers and that for more than a half century, millions of people have been crippled by a disease that one of the least injurious anti-biotics could have cured.

ALTERNATE THERAPY FOR ARTHRITIS OR LUPUS: Another tack for Lupus sufferers is based on research done by the famed Mexican Cancer clinic, and is called "The GERSON therapy". It works on cleansing the liver, and involves a wheatgrass juice fast. Dr. Max Gerson says fasting works well on Lupus. To mimic the clinical approach at home, go on a good 14 day raw juice fast, (no food at all) with 6 mini meals a day of mixed juices (carrot, celery, wheatgrass and beet). The trick is to stir in a few tbsps of psyllium seed (unflavored metamucil), and drink immediately, before it 'clots.' First time fasters should go on a high-bulk, vegetarian diet for a week beforehand to get the colon whisked clean enough to tolerate the highly cleansing, liquid diet. Wheatgrass is easy to grow in flats at home. Try your neighborhood farm or poulty feed store to find wheat seed, sow it thickly on rich loam in a horticulturist's flat, shear when blades are 3 inches long. Get a wheatgrass extractor at your healthfood store as the usual juicer will have no effect on these 'blades of steel.'


NOTES: For more background facts, read Townsend Letter for Doctors, Issue # 145 Pg 111, Issue #141 P 132, Issue #143 Pg 104, Issue # 148 Pg 18 and Issue 149, P 99. Read the January 95 article by Dr. Tilly B.C. Volume 122 Pg 81-89, in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

For more info on Minocycline for Lupus, send SASE with 55c to The Road Back Foundation 4985 N. Lakehill Rd. Delaware OH 43015.

Contact Dr. Peat at PO BOX 5764 Eugene OR 97405, (503) 345-9855 in Eugene Or.

*You can get Pregnenolone and DHEA hormones from "Lifelink" 445 Lierly Ln Arroyo Grande CA 93420. (805) 473-1389. 180 capsules 40$ but there are other dosages at other prices. Shipping 4.50 UPS. TRY: HOME LINK 800-272-4767. Maybe cheapest of all suppliers: LIFE ENHANCEMENT PROD. PO Box 751390, Petaluma CA 94975. Get pregnenalone hormone from BEYOND A CENTURY 800-777-1324, 150 caps of 30m $59.50 It is a precursor of body's own supply of DHEA.

+ARIZONA HEALTHFOODS in PHOENIX has DMSO; try 800-INFO for #. Get DMSO more cheaply from your VET. Veterinarian grade is just as pure as human grade. Just tell vet "my horse limps, I want shin rub."

For INFO on DMSO protocols send SASE to Dr. Stanley Jacob L225, Oregon Health Sciences Univ. Portland OR 97201. For more about DMSO, call American Academy Metabolic Medicine 800-982-2101 ext 123. Treatment protocols will be provided.

Get DHEA RESEARCH bulletin #463 from American Society of Nutritional Research, 12416 N. 28th, Suite 18, PO Box 241 Phoenix AZ 85029.

Get NUTRITION NEWS "DHEA WILD YAM" PO Box 55279 Riverside CA 92517.

Contact Dr. Arthur Schwartz, Fels Institute, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA. a longtime researcher in DHEA.

DOSEAGES: DHEA can be given in doses of from 3 mg to 30mg daily but as high as 1,600 mg a day for 28 days was found not to be injurious, subsiding later to a low daily maintenance level, 3x a week. If Deepak Chopra who is a DR, calls it the true Fountain of Youth and Doctors tell us there is no downside, maybe you can believe it. All it does is juice up the natural hormone-making ability of the body, which we lose in old age.

I also Looked on web to find data on incidence of community-acquired pneumonia bad enough to require hospitalization.

Results of a population- based active surveillance Study in Ohio. The Community-Based Pneumonia Incidence Study Group written by some doctors at Division of Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases, National Center for Infectious Diseases, CDC, Atlanta, Ga 30303, USA. THEY SAID: "Pneumonia seems to be the leading cause of death due to infectious diseases in the United States; however, the incidence of most infections causing community-acquired pneumonia in adults is not well defined. METHODS: We evaluated all adults, residing in 2 counties in Ohio, who were hospitalized in 1991 because of community-acquired pneumonia. Information about risk factors, symptoms, and outcome was collected through interview and medical chart review. Serum samples were collected from consenting individuals during the acute and convalescent phases, and specific etiologic diagnoses were assigned based on results of bacteriologic and immunologic tests.

RESULTS: The incidence of community-acquired pneumonia requiring hospitalization in the study counties in 1991 was 266.8 per 100,000 population; the overall case-fatality rate was 8.8%. Pneumonia incidence was higher among blacks than whites (337.7/100,000 vs 253.9/ 100,000; P < .001), was higher among males than females (291.4 vs 244.8; P < .001), and increased with age (91.6/100,000 for persons aged < 45 years, 277.2/ 100,000 for persons aged 45-64 years, and 1012.3/ 100,000 for persons aged > or = 65 years; P < .001). Extrapolation from study incidence data showed the projected annual number of cases of community-acquired pneumonia requiring hospitalization in the United States to be 485,000.

These data provide previously unavailable estimates of the annual number of cases that are due to Legionella species (8000-18,000), Mycoplasma pneumoniae (18,700-108,000), and Chlamydia pneumoniae (5890-49,700).

CONCLUSIONS: These data provide information about the importance of community-acquired pneumonia and the relative and overall impact of specific causes of pneumonia. The study provides a basis for choosing optimal empiric pneumonia therapy, and allows interventions for prevention of pneumonia to be targeted at groups at greatest risk for serious illness and death.

So,  do a search on two words, cats and mycoplasma. Link them with a plus sign. mycoplasma + cats  just like that. Do it on any good search engine. Google is best I've seen. Stay au courant as new articles appear all the time.

Next,  never let a cat spray your face with saliva or mucus. That means a cat with respiratory problems, sneezing, mucus, cannot get onto your lap or that of any family member. Getting a vet to part with minocycline and doing a proper treatment would be good. This is a very non harmful antibiotic. Vets are lazy, they want to give doxicillin or ampicillin but don't let them. This is a very specific kind of fungal bacterium.

FOR MORE information that will blow your mind, ON CAT DIETS THAT can HEAL the cat or kitten and NURSING A CAT THROUGH the usually fatal ILLNESSES that make the VET RICH, and doing it at home, READ CAT DIET FILE and the RECIPES FOR CATS file. Feeding the cat holistically will prevent their catching anything! And more importantly, prevent your children catching stuff they absolutely do not need! (Although, it could be argued, that if terrorists use these microbes on American or British cities, the folks who had cats will survive without batting a lash!)  sign me happy to do this research, in love with my itty bitty kitty committee, Anita Sands from astrology@earthlink.net