Anita Sands Hernandez

(reprinted from June 97 DELL HOROSCOPE MAGAZINE)

It is possible to use astrology to catch that 'tide which,taken at its turn', can ---make us all rich and famous. To achieve maximum success, it helps to make our audacious bids for power and key career moves when something's shaking up in the sky. 

Picking good astrological moments are something that even a child can determine. I mean it literally. When I was 13, my mother,--an AFA astrologer,--taught me to read an ephemeris. At age l7, I was able to spot a coming Jupiter transit to my natal l0th house Uranus in Taurus. (Tenth house makes me think career; doesn't it you?) I knew that it would help if another planet or two linked with that Jupiter, looked ahead, and found a day when the Sun and Moon touched it off. I called a big talent agency and made an appointment for that magic Jupiter day. Lo and behold, after the meeting, I was signed for representation which launched a career acting in television--ruled by the planet Uranus.

anita sands, actress, starred on bonanza with michael landon
 Ever since I USED STARPOWER to get into SHOW BUSINESS,
my job has been guiding ---not only myself through life, but my stargazing clients, using the 'power hour' system.

Magical and highly useful days can be spotted by any astrologer who takes an ephemeris and figures out the aspects that the moon and planets make to each other in the sky.

                    astrological SNAP SHOT OF the HEAVENS TODAY


I like certain kinds of days. For instance, Sun conjunct Jupiter with the Moon linked to both would be a good day to do business. If you knew of such a day and wanted to share this information (as I do daily, every night you get it in your EMAIL, it's there in the early morn when you awake,) you would only have to type up a text for the day describing the great aspect and mentioning the peak hours. If you were a typist, you might do a week's worth, blow by blow, good hours, bad ones. Now, imagine gifting this 'star map' to friends and clients.  Eery day you just punch FORWARD and off it goes.

When READERS of this MAGICAL MAP used this text, doing business deals on power days, lying low on stressful days, they would be in tune with the universe, and would score better than usual at making money, new friends, clients and profitable business deals and not spin their wheels on limp and hopeless days.

On "DIAMOND DAYS," they'd hustle from dawn to dusk. On "DUD DAYS" they'd kick back, watch t.v. and not make waves or they'd do hard, unpleasant work that is 'good and proper use of Mars Saturn aspects.

Well, as you can imagine, that would be a very useful document and you would quickly become very popular with your friends.

As an astrologer-for-hire in Hollywood, California, I am called upon to calculate just such days and hours for high power clients, freelance businesspeople who are constantly seeking to achieve success in realizing their ideas and projects.

Screenwriters want to know when to pitch the script. Actors want to know when to go on that first interview for a part or when to woo a new agent or when to simply stroll into the studio commisary for lunch and nab attract producers' attention. Even producers need to know when to approach the studio heads for funding.

That's not to say 'civilians' can't use astrology in exciting ways, too. A soon to be groom-client wanted to marry at the right hour so he'd never lose her. I picked Moon and Venus conjunct and ten years later, they're still on the honeymoon.

A surgeon gets a daily report, a week at a time, hand delivered to his home. Long ago I explained to him the old rule that 'where the moon is, expect bleeding after surgery' which suggests that one shouldn't operate on the part of the body ruled by that day's moonsign. Wonder if he remembers that discussion. Just in case he doesn't, occasionally I'll customize his StarPower Map of the Month to remind him.

Among my regulars, there's an artisan/manufacturer who wants to know when to approach department stores or decorators with his beautiful wares. As a bachelor, he is probably using the VENUS hours for the single-mingle, to meet sweethearts. He's on the East Coast, so I mail him his Power Hours a week at a time and circle the Venus hours with a pink marker.

There's a famed Hollywood matchmaker who wants to know when she should have her romance-seeking clients meet for the first time so they'll fall in love. . Another client  gets his data on his IPAD while he sleeps. Both get it free unless they want to tip me at paypal occasionally. I say 'TIPS FOR TIPS' Don't be out exchange. If you make a million send me a fiver.

What easy is that I supply all their varied needs with the same document--an all day, hour by hour, blow by blow report of the currents that exist in time.

Sometimes, I customize them a bit and differences between the movie star, surgeon or the matchmaker client, all of which I have occur at the site of the degree of the aspect. When I type the master, degrees are written this way: (Moon semisquare MARS 15* Capricorn affecting 0 mutables). When I customize it for a client, say the matchmaker, I ask the computer to 'find' the asterisk. Zip, in one second it will. I consult the client's chart for a second, find what she has in that ballpark, turn back to the computer and type "and that affects your VENUS in 15* CANCER so your maternal love nature is in full manifestation. Call your daughter today. Send her a gift.  Also, Clients who meet under this Mars aspect will end up falling into business, not love."

For the artisan, manufacturer or businessman, Mars touches his midheaven, great for a night out wining, dining clients, discussing sales.

If an aspect is NOT sitting right on the client's natal or progressed planets, I tell them that it misses them but will be felt in a generalized sense through others. The client may run into a person who's going to be all wound up for a Mars spin in the Capricorn Ambition Derby that day.

Now, thirty pages of lunar and planetary aspects sounds hard to research but it's easy because of how I do it. Guess my secret. Instead of using an ephemeris I use a copy of Dell Horoscope Magazine.

Yes, in the back of this magazine, you will find the SELF GUIDANCE CHART which has all the lunar and planetary aspects of any given day, as well as suggested interpretations.

This Self Guidance Chart is a precious resource, the most totally useful piece of printed material that could ever go through your hands. I am in awe of it and simply amazed that more astrology buffs don't realize what they could do with this excellent information. Of course, if some of you did realize how 'hot' it was, and cogitated on its multiple uses, I'd probably be out of business and more of you would be making a living with astrology!

The Guidance Chart makes prediction easy. I simply lay it out before me on my desk, put my hands to the computer keys and write that information up in plain English.

At the very top, I list all the DIAMOND DAYS and below it, the DUD DAYS for the month as a quick reference.

Then, I go through the week. I describe each day in capitals in a banner LOUSY MORNING, EXCITING DAY, SOCIAL NIGHT: and below, in my typed text, the details, aspects, the hour of peak effect, their use, suggest both an agenda and hint at pitfalls, all of it liberally salted with aphorisms and homey advice. It looks like this:


MORNING-MERC in SAGITTARIUS (4*fire) IS TRINE a LEO MOON now thru Midday. It peaks 2:30+P.M. Whenever THE PLANET OF MIND IS activated you get STRONG communication or writing DAYS. PEEL your eye/ear for ideas, communications and teachings, coming from GURU figures, lectures, seminars, bookstores or over the airwaves, the INTUITIVE ONES as well as radio or t.v.. Important that you be tuned in. Get au courant. You and close ties have a subtle discussion with themes like travel, philosophy, ethics, publishing, legislation. WRITE or CALL YOUR EDITOR/PUBLISHER/literary agent. YOU TEACH, write, shine if you do. Read the paper carefully. Get on the computer and write. Work with writers on books. The chapter, ad, speech, flyer or letter gets written or made --and effectively. People will UNDERSTAND, or learn if you explain it or write it now. You know what they say about SAGITTARIUS. Born with a golden foot in their mouth! As this is the sign of the teacher expect your INNER GURU to be most informative in a meditation at that peak hour. ASK UNCONSCIOUS to tell you what you NEED TO KNOW and DON'T KNOW you need to know. That's what can blindside you. You state desire to know clearly to unconscious in a meditation or the unconscious doesn't know what to give you from its great grab bag of wisdom. Visit seminars, New Age bookstores, buy/read books on philosophy, academia, psychology, foreign affairs. Investigate Adult High School for computer classes, often l5$ a semester per class. HIGHER SCHOOLING is better than TV on a cold winter night. I had never touched a PC until I went to Alexander Hamilton Adult High school and learned it all in one semester for l5$. POSITIVE MERCURY hours enable us to teach, lecture, write or speak convincingly. Make the effort to do so in this time frame. Sagittarius influences mean that what you read, study or learn now comes straight from God." I write something encouraging so that they can utilize this period for its full powers. I give them ideas. Often I'll suggest books or specific yoga exercises.

2:30+P.M. when MOON finishes with that aspect, it goes VOID OF COURSE. This means we go into a two hour super slow period where you can't initiate. Just finish old cycles. BEFORE YOU GO INTO VOC, look at last aspect, a super brilliant MERCURY POWER HOUR & take it 'as a question' into the dead time ahead of you.' Ask about your own brilliance, knowledge, EDUCATIONAL FUTURE. Answers will come at you during rest of night. You can't start anything important or go anywhere now. Dig the zip; Hang out in the void. Go home to the OM. Visit the Grande Existential Nada until a few hours from now when MOON goes into next zodiacal sign, VIRGO."

And so on, seven pages a week, thirty pages a month. Only I have carpal mouse bursa in my shoulder from doing years of this so I only do a week at a time, if that.

Now, if you're sharp of eye, you'll notice that next to the TIME the aspect hit I put a tiny Plus sign. (2:30+P.M). When I print up a copy for my east coast clients, I ask the computer to FIND the PLUSES. In a tenth of a sec, the cursor will jump to the pluses and I add 3 hours to fit East Coast time. I tell my Parisian clients to add 8 hours, and so on.

Next to the DEGREES that the aspects are in, I put an asterisk. Let's pretend we're talking about Neptune, (29* CARDINAL, affecting 14 mutables). I ask the computer to 'go to' the asterisks so that I can customize the piece to client saying 'and that NEPTUNE falls right on your natal SUN 29 Cancer, ruling your house of MONEY so be especially cautious about losing cash, being suckered into bad investments, being defrauded or forgetting to make crucial payments."

In other words, I tailor the basic text to each person who gets it. This only takes an additional minute but it certainly makes the document worth the 30$ a month they pay.

I get feedback. Clients tell me that I predicted it would be a dangerous day and they peeled an eye and narrowly escaped injury. Using it myself, I actually averted death. One rainy night my aspects were so horrific, I refused to drive to actress Mariana Hill's party. She insisted and said she'd pay for a taxi. After the party, one a.m. Iím almost home in the taxi. We were stopped at a red light. The taxi driver inched forward into the crosswalk, preparing for a green. Aware of the horrific Mars/Uranus aspect to my chart, I rubbed the fog off the window and spotted a car in cross traffic going so fast it would certainly tear through the red light, cross our path and smash into us if he accelerated. The taxi driver saw his green, started to lurch forward. 'Stop' I screamed. The car whizzed through a red light inches from our hood ornament. If I hadn't been aware and rubbed the fog off window, the speeding car would have hit my side of the car at fifty miles an hour. I'd have been history so astrology literally saved my life.

Once, only emperors and Kings could afford to have their daily predictions done for their own, personal chart. Now, with your handy Dell Horoscope MAGAZINE and my daily text to you, anyone can afford it.

So spread it around. Save the MAP of the MONTH text, add your own touches, (if you're an astrologer, that is) mail it on to your friends. Charge them for it, if you want. Or, start to SAVE portions of it to your ASTROLOGY DIRECTORY. Here's how. See a paragraph on effect of Moon hitting Mars in Leo? Highlight the MOON TO MARS text. Then call it Do this times a thousand. Then, assemble Maps yourself, using a copy of DELL HOROSCOPE to find the hour of each aspect. Type up your own "Map of the Month" and give 'em to pals and clients. Email them. Fax them, mail them and soon, everybody will be moving at the POWER HOURS and you will be on your way to leaping from hobby astrology to being a highly paid big-city professional.

ANITA'S CLIENT LIST INCLUDES Yogi Bhajan, Carlos Castaneda, Courtney Love, Sally Kirkland, Mr/Mrs Robert Stack, the late Mrs. Clark Gable, the late Joan Hackett, Mrs. George Plimpton, Betsy Bloomingdale, Mrs Aaron Spelling, Alana Stewart Hamilton, Patric Terrail, Michael Learned, The ex-President of India Dyal Singh; The Governor of Baja California, Mr. & Mrs. Mehli Mehta, Zubin's parents, Mrs. Vicente Minelli, Liza Minelli & Billie Stritch, Jimmy Connors, Carol Bayer Sager Bacharach, Joni Mitchell, Cheryl Ladd, Gena Rowlands, Nicolas Cage, Ann Miller, Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams, (Laverne & Shirley), Rhonda Fleming, Gwen Davis, Michele Lee, Terri Garr, Mrs. Miguel Aleman Jr., Mario Machado, and Department store Promotions for Max Factor Inc.

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