by Anita Sands Hernandez,

REMEMBER THE TRUE ISSUE: Any fatigue you're having NOW is just a precursor of the BIG ZONE OUT that awaits you later, as you age. Recognize that your fatigue and mental blur are not a 'cause-less' phenomenon floating mysteriously. No, it is standing on its own, two, shaky legs that you created!

The fogged top foot of the body is a condition created by the other five feet of its owner's poor diet and health habits. Without dwelling on concepts of personal guilt, take it as reality; you have caused your fatigue and you can now uncause it.

Reoccurring, regular fatigue is NOT just some little, hap-chance symptom. The exhaustion you feel now, in middle age, is a preview of what awaits you as you head into the last decades of life. If you feel this lousy now, just ponder --- how are you going to feel LATER?? Remember the words of that middle aged man who bemoaned his crippled, painful body saying "If I'd known I was going to feel this bad, I'd have taken better care of myself." You want to start now to prevent blurriness, disease and pain happening to you. You have to stop doing the things that tire the body out, compromise the immune system, clog the capillaries of the body and especially, the brain.

It's easy. Brick by brick, we build new habits. Start eating a few super-power foods daily, (the list follows) and stop doing and eating the things that take away the natural appetite so you're not interested in wholesome foods. One chocolate at midday absolutely means you will not want a spinach salad. Maybe a chocolate on its own doesn't HURT you, but maybe NOT HAVING that spinach salad every single day does!

So let's vow this, to stop doing things that tire the body out and compromise the immune system. Vow now to start taking some super foods that are known to jazz up the human body and observe a few of the RULES FOR PEP!


1.) CUT OUT THE EMPTY CALORIES. The foods we do not need are flour in any form, in any food, sugar, dairy, (great for tots, not adults) fried foods, animal fat, nitrates/chemicals/additives and deli meats, toxic aspartame, canola oil and any margarine. Just for fun, while shopping, look at the owners of the carts loaded with chips, ice cream, processed cereals, sugar, jams, soft drinks! Don't do it often, because you'll have to repress the urge to give them lectures, logic, facts while on your knees holding their trouser leg!

2.) LOSE THINGS THAT DISTURB IMMUNE SYSTEM LIKE EATING MEAT so much SOME MEALS, VEG OUT! Occasionally, go without meat. It's said that when you eat ANOTHER person's body, your IMMUNE SYSTEM recognizes it as a foreign protein and deploys antibodies to fight it. Deploying lowers energy. Eating meat DAILY fatigues the immune system. TRY SEMI VEGETARIANISM: Cut way down on dead bodies. CUT OUT salted, chemicalized, deli meats entirely. When you eat ANOTHER person's body, understand that your IMMUNE SYSTEM recognizes it as a foreign protein and deploys antibodies to fight it. So eating meat DAILY fatigues the immune system. Also, FLOURIDE TOOTHPASTE does the same, tires out our immune response.

Here's a secret. When you eat meat, eat it with greens only, NO SLOW, STICKY FOODS. Add spinach salad to those greens, (a super laxative) and some beets, grated the meat moves out of your colon super fast. Meat with white bread stays in your gut 15 to 24 hours. Meat with laxative vegies moves out OVERNIGHT. 8 hrs. Meat doesn't get a chance to ROT in the shorter time period. So eating dead bodies becomes much less fatiguing.

Remember, you don't have to become l00% VEGETARIAN to feel better, just try a few more vegetables daily, in the place of the junk you used to eat. You will substitute the most powerful solar foods: Carrots, broccoli, salad, fruit, raw nuts, integral grains, olive oil with fresh crushed garlic on top of all salads, real lemon in it not vinegar.

Above all, get a 29$ juicer at Wal-Mart and juice mixtures of organic carrots, celery, greens. Forget about the 200$ machines you see on TV. Rip off city. Discount shops like Wal-mart give you the same machine. Organic vegies when lab tested, were found to have 14 times the minerals of chemical fertilizer/commercial farm produce, so check out farmers in your area that create their own humus soil, or visit the organic, holistic Healthfood store near you.

3.) Cut way down on saturated fats. What clogs the mind is this kind of thick, lardy white fat found in cheese, milk, butter, meat and on the inside of your aorta! A little yogurt occasioally won't hurt you. Make sure it has as many different cultures as possible, Bifidus, Theosophilis, Acidophilis and the others. When you find a good one, make your own yogurt thenceforward, using it as culture. Yogurt making is super easy. In all the places where humans live to 180 years of age, yogurt or some cultured milk is being used. The intestinal flora it provides is youthening. As you become a Health food eater, a yogurt with honey and some grated coconut becomes a massively rich dessert.

4.) SAYONARA SALT! That plaque in the heart patient's veins is partially made of common table salt. CUT it OUT. Substitute soy sauce 'lite.' Or for super flavor, GOMASIO. Recipe; Toast a 59c 2 oz pckg of sesame seeds, on a thick pan on stove. Just til golden. Drop seeds in little bowl and With back of spoon grind little dashes of salt in… Delete bacon, deli meats (salted heavily at the factory though you don't notice it). Make your own deli out of fresh, lean turkey breast. Buy the real thing, stud with garlic, roast. Cool, cut and wrap in foil just like t.v. dinners. Use low-salt soy sauce instead of salt and use it very lightly.

5.) FAVE POWER FOODS MUST BE IN FRIDGE- Keep the spinach greens there, washed and at the ready. Keep the box of TOFU. Change water daily, best is a bigger pan, deeper water. MISO paste to make yourself a fast broth, available at any oriental market. Cheap, not costly like MISO powder at WHOLE FOODS. I simmer onion, broccoli, then add MISO, crumbled tofu at the very end.

LIVER is req’d once a month for COMPLETE VIT B. George Bernard SHAW knew how necessary it was, B-12 very scarse and rare and though a lifelong vegan, had liver powder monthly. Age 96, pruning big tree, fell, bone infected. He died of too much energy.

 6.) FOOD COMBINE CORRECTLY. When you eat meat, eat it with greens not starches, sugars, carbs or dairy. The logic is that meat requires acid digestion, and starches require alkaline. They cancel one another out, stress kidneys. There is a pamphlet on "FOOD COMBINING SECRETS" available at healthfood stores. No sour with flour. No proteins with grains. No sugars with proteins. Greens are good with Proteins. Starches are eaten with greens.

7.) SNEAK IN THE FIBER-Add fiber to every meal. SLOW, STICKY FOODS (egg, milk, cheese, refined grains,) go thru your intestines and colon slowly 'cuz they're GUMMY! Most of us then add meat (so the mixture really has time to heat up, and as it's moving slowly, puhlenty of time for it to ROT. We get a slow moving, increasingly toxic mass moving through us. The problem is, the body 'inhales' heavily off the last stage, in the colon. The body is inhaling vitamins at that point, just when the mass is most toxic. This quick-to-rot food boils down into poisons from the rot factor.) Fiber that will move other foods out before it rots are greens, especially spinach. Add spinach (a super laxative) and some beets, grated in to your salad, itself a laxative. The meat moves out of your colon super fast. Meat with white bread crawls, 15 to 24 hours. Meat with laxative vegies like beets, spinach, moves out OVERNIGHT. 8 hrs. Meat doesn't get a chance to ROT that way. Much less fatiguing and toxic.

8. SUPPLEMENT THE MIND VITAMINS. A lot of fatigue is just no blood up in the old noodle. INVESTIGATE those new, super mental drugs at the healthfood store, made up of synergistic BLENDS of bladderwrack (which is kelp or common seaweed,) gotukola, gingko, Siberian ginseng (eleuthro), Jamaican sarsaparilla, rosemary, Prickly Ash Bark, safflower flowers, dandelion root, potassium for muscle strength, horseradish, freeze-dried animal adrenals, lysine, fo ti tieng, hawthorn and especially magnesium, which prevents brain receptors reaching for aluminum, which they do when body has no magnesium. No magnesium is the route to Alzheimers.

THEN seek phosphatidyl-serine and compare prices at hfs with prices online. A bottle is cheapest there online I think, but LONGS drugstores frequently have sales…. Check these out. It’s made out of soy lecithin, totally reverses brain fatigue. If hypertension is present, you must use de-glycyrrhizined licorice root. If no hypertension just any old licorice root. Buy and USE products with names like MENTAL EDGE, THINK, PERFECT ENERGY. All healthfood stores have them. These mixtures are way beyond coffee and don't screw up the vagus nerve, adrenals, heart beat and pancreas the way coffee does. Stop using caffeine on them, as it wears the same old organs out. Switch to Herbal teas of yellow dock, verbena hawthorn, raspberry and nettles if you suspect anemia. Mix these with any favorite herb tea you like. Many brain formulas have damiana in them, but it is caffeine so only use these formulas if they don’t postpone your sleep at night. This leaf is maybe a little over the top.

SUPPLEMENT with the MAGIC BODY YOUTHENERS, MASTER HORMONE PRECURSORS like wild yam, Mexican yam, ginseng, borage, licorice. REMI FEMI a hormone producer. FEMALE MIXTURES. (They call them). Take DHEA, but not more than 25 millegrams as it can make heart arrthymic. Take PREGNENOLONE, PROGESTERONE and as a food, SOY TOFU. Tofu contains the master elements glands need called 'hormone precursors'. So easy to make tofu tasty, ask me, for tasty soy tofu recipes. TOFU BURGERS, TOFU WITH SHITAKE in BROWN SAUCE, CHINESE STYLE. TO try it out, any Chinese café will make you TOFU IN BROWN SAUCE. Dot mustard on top. FAB!!!! You’ll go nuts for it. Get a doggy bag as the next day it makes a great meal, cold! I do not reheat it. Ask for divine recipe for Tofuburgers that I devised which taste much better than meat due to toasted almonds, creamed corn, bell pepper.

SUPPLEMENT WITH THE VITAMINS JUST FOR YOUTH: These are known as clock turner-backers!Age reversers. CHROMIUM, L-Glutathione. SOY TOFU contains these plant hormones that are precursors of our own hormones. Learn to make tofu tasty. TOFU BURGERS (ask me for recipe), TOFU WITH SHITAKE in BROWN SAUCE, CHINESE STYLE. Supplement Germanium or get it through raw garlic on all your food, steamed barley as a grain.

SUPPLEMENT WITH GENTLE SPEED. ABANA is available thru HImalya Herbs made of 40 herbs from INDIA. Google it. Amazing.One on any morning U plan big work.

9.) BUILD YOUR BLOOD. FATIGUE can be due to ANEMIA. Eat beets or spinach salad, daily. Lightly fry cow's liver with onions once a month. Teach children to eat it by removing the membrane, chopping it with the onions mixed in. Put black strap molasses and raisins, cut up dried black figs in dessert foods like pudding, cookies, cakes. Chop arugula, parsley, green coriander and put on top of your dark green salad daily. Grow arugala and other organic greens so there's no excuse that tasty greens are high COST. You can always have high mineral organically grown greens at your elbow. TAKE the high iron herbal teas of yellow dock, verbena, hawthorn, raspberry and nettles for the anemia. Mix with any favorite herb tea you like.

10.) GET the TOXINS OUT OF YOUR HOME, BODY AND LIFE- Avoid drinking tap water. It's loaded with flouride and chlorine. FLOURIDE TOOTHPASTE should not be swallowed. Don't let shampoo get in your eyes. Cut down on detergents as chemicals on clothing are absorbed by skin. Don't soak in a tub of chlorinated water. Get a filter, put it on your shower head. Fill tub that way. Read Steinman's Poisons in our Foods. Available at and

11.) GET THAT ORGANIC GARDEN GROWING- ADD minerals to your soil by thorough composting. Grab every neighbor's 'green' trash can on trash night, wheel to your driveway, and in that bed there, create your compost pile. Compost your neighbor's grass, leaves and ask super market produce boy for all the salad outer leaves, the corn husks in summertime. Bags of green things are available for the asking! One market won't, another will. All your kitchen garbage goes in a separate pile outside back door, right on the earth. Keep a shovel there for sprinkling soil on top of garbage. . Add worms from other parts of the yard to the compost pile as they replicate faster there, get bigger, and turn compost into humus soil faster. So wherever you dig, as you find worms, put into a piece of plastic that you have in pocket, carry to the compost pile. Bury them lightly. Ask me for free seeds.

12. EXERCISE! This will magnify your strength incrementally inside of a week. Do daily Weight training with bleach bottles filled with sand or water. Try weights tied to your feet. You build amazing muscle strength quickly, in just days. If you're not that organized to find time for this, I know you watch television. Just do your work-out as you watch your fav TV shows by spreading a sheet on the floor. The collateral benefit is that you will sleep longer, deeper and all depression leaves when you are physical. Growing a garden gives you the muscles and the fruits/vegies too!

13. SOLAR POWER! Oil body with almond oil or olive oil at ll am promptly, in winter, or  in SUMMER that clock is lying so it’s really at NOON….and go outside naked and take an hr of sun.  DO NOT WASH IT OFF. Put on washable clothes and wear that irradiated oil for 24 hrs til it’s sucked back into your skin.

All progress is made by recognizing a need and vowing to do something and keeping up at doing it. If you vow to add this mere dozen new habits to your life, you will be rewarded by feeling much stronger and more lively in a day or two, in a much better humor and ready to hunt tiger by the end of a week!

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