in a group setting.

Many massage therapists are getting a little bored with the monotony of their work. Swedish massage or Shiatzu are only slight variations of one another and neither are very challenging to the intellect. The problem is, the therapist routinely does much the same kind of massage technique on everyone. To keep from falling asleep at the wheel of your career, you might be interested in something a lot more intellectual, a new school of massage therapy that would attract not only a new set of clients but multiply their number as well. Investigate a completely revolutionary, new method of body work, originated in Southern California, called "PRIMAL MASSAGE."

The word 'primal' refers to an explosive release of repressed emotions followed by catharsis. The term is borrowed from the work of the well-known Beverly Hills Psychiatrist Art Janov who wrote "The Primal Scream", "The Feeling Child, and "The Primal Revolution." In the 70's, celebrities like John and Yoko and Dyan Cannon paid $5,000 for a series of 'primal scream sessions in the Primal Institute's famed, padded rooms.

Dyan Cannon installed a pink padded room in her Malibu home and instructed this writer in the philosophy of Primal Scream and the room's use, (padding silences the noise!) I went on to take a series of sessions with The Feeling Center, an institute run by a student of Janov's. At that time I was also receiving regular body work and accidentally stumbled on this method of blending emotional release work with rolfing type heavy massage.

During the intervening 20 years I have been teaching the method to Los Angeles body therapists I added a 'sub-division' where I link FEELING therapy with past life REGRESSIONS which I do after I do five to ten minutes of primal massage. But I'll get to that later.

While not complicated, Primal Massage involves some initial reading. The therapist should understand the volatility of opening clients to 'old pain.' Primal Massage (or 'emotional release work') also involves client pre-instruction as to what to expect, so that as feelings 'come up' he is prepared to conquer his natural shyness and 'voice' them.

This school of bodywork demands some skill by the therapist who must just passively listen to some fairly intense sounds, weeping or even verbal revelations and who must connect them to the apparatus of 'coming to terms' or forgiving ---for the client to emerge changed for the better.

The therapist must not 'defend' against feelings by himself getting talky or mental.

By not going 'up in his head', a frequent unconscious, evasive maneuver, he allows his client to 'stay in feeling. The therapist must simply acknowledge his empathy to what the client is going through or feeling, perhaps with sounds, or an intoned 'ummmmm' as this encourages the client to keep going and not 'snap out of it.' The therapist must resist making snap value judgements on the various personae in his client's life until the primaling is over and they are in their talk phase. Primal Massage involves deeper work on the client's body, almost rolfing levels, but done on nerves and meridians as well as on muscles. Lastly, the session involves sad and evocative background music played during the treatment, which is condusive to getting into feelings, or as Emerson said, "So is Music an asylum. It takes us out of the actual and whispers to us dim secrets that startle our wonder as to who we are, and for what, whence and whereto."

Music and memories, --- these ingredients blended together will invariably trigger an outpouring of current emotional memories which the client is encouraged to discuss after the session. We do not DISCUSS during the session.

At the front part of the session, when current-time feelings emerge, client is instructed to 'go with the feelings' staying fairly unverbal, and to connect today's feelings with older emotions, long repressed. You ask them to see the pictures. Instruct the unconscious to FIND and project pictures on client's mind's eye.

During the emotive part of the session, the client should stay in his right brain, to speak in terms of emotion, without self-censoring, ideation, rational evaluation. As the therapist's hands dig in, the client is encouraged to make sounds. This helps the client to become non-mental, and simply vocalize mindlessly. The sad music, the deep tissue work, the loosening up the instinctual 'guard' invariably causes primal, long suppressed feelings of wound or anger to arise and the skilled therapist learns to 'take them back' (guiding the client toward 'old, baby feelings').

The theory is that something equivalent to the famous, 'Reichian armor', which Ida Rolf pummeled and stretched, actually exists in the body, filled with 'somatics' or stored neural impressions, some of them from past lifetimes. Residues of old psychological trauma lie in the body tissue, itself. As one's hands touch these spots, the client enters into a hazy world of primal memories and cries out as he descends into old emotions. But, by going full into them, he goes out the other end, finally purging himself of anger, fear and need and achieving a sudden recognition that he was indeed wounded, severely, by someone he loved.

Remembering the event with clarity is at once frightening and wonderful. The truth cannot hurt as much as the years of repression of truth. At the other end of this dark tunnel there is emergence and clarity along with regret, recognition that somewhere in one's childhoods, there are old sinners, those who were not 'feeling' to the child, who 'hurt' him terribly. There is an intense desire never to be unfeeling with one's own children or to choose unfeeling people as friends.

At the end of the session one realizes that one's inner infant has a lot of pain stored but luckily, there is a mature, adult part of you (called the witness or adult) that is wise enough to reason thru the dumb unconscious' perceptions, its skewed past programming and pain. One weeps when he is expected to handle it all alone, no help from anyone and finances are lousy but the client who expresses or weeps out that baby feeling of being overloaded, discovers it's only psychic junk; it's not real.

He will express the pain, make noises, sob, but he no longer makes the mistake of identifying with it, or being moved to phone someone up and blame them, throwing his 'stuff' in another's face. More important, no longer will he allege himself to be the victim of a conspiracy, a loser, destined to fail. He has two legs and two hands; he can repair his life. After all, it's just HIS psychic guck not any real obstacle to success. But so often old feelings do block our way to success, so it's necessary to lose them.

In the aftermath of a primal session, forgiving and understanding are skillfully verbalized by the therapist. "They weren't perfect; they were doing the best they could." Or, if the stored memory or 'engram' as it is also called, was laid in at a later age, when the person had chosen to link with an unfeeling person, "after all, you picked him. Don't pick a zombie the next time." The client is encouraged to be more careful in selecting his close ties. To 'take responsibility.' Often life itself is the tyrant, and people feel themselves the victim, and believe life caused their failure. All these negative perceptions can be induced to depart. The average emotional release session goes like this. First, imagine the skilled hands of the therapist digging into old tensions collected around the heart, on the back of the spine. As this deep tissue work is pursued and that sad music is wafting through the air, mysteriously, current emotional pain surfaces. The client is beginning to have her first 'negative feeling.' Something that bothers her deeply comes to mind. Let us say the client is a woman. "My husband is so cold to me lately." "Mmmmmm" acknowledges the therapist. "That must be painful." "It is," and the tears well up. "Just let the tears come," says the therapist, giving her 'the space' to do something which is rarely socially done. The client's conditioned reponses to smother her own pain--- installed since infancy by parents who do not want to hear sniveling,---suddenly break down. The tears and sobs roll out. The therapist's hands never stop digging into the heart area. The weeping is like a California rainstorm. Torrential, then quiet, then a new freshet, then a silent, soft vulnerability. The hands keep working and the skilled therapist makes her move, quietly encouraging the client to 'take the feeling back.' Do you remember early similars? The hands keep working, the music plies its mood. Dreamily the client searches her inner mental files. Suddenly information is liberated, induced by all the right stimuli. "My father was never there for me. He was very distant." "Did that hurt your feelings?" Now, specific memories arise; new tears start. The patient blubbers something about her father' refusal to come to her tea party, or being harshly criticized for some small misbehavior. After this new torrent of tears is over, the therapist, almost like a hypno-age-regression hypnotist, asks--were there earlier similars? Often the mind cannot recall any, but the hand and music work their magic and the body and psyche do remember. The crying starts up again and in it, the client can actually go back to amazingly early memories, stored as physical hungers...the desire to be fed or picked up out of the crib. This desire has not been fulfilled, has been smothered--but is still vigorously alive, playing its sour tune on the patient's psychological apparatus since childhood. Perhaps a woman has picked an unloving husband, a cold, workaholic man, identical to her father. She has been doomed by her repressed pain to search for the very thing that had hurt her as a child. All neurotics masochistically do this. They seek to re-live or repeat the elements of the inner infant's 'sad life script' as if that would free them. The pain becomes a vicious, 'mobius loop'. Their flawed choices, self-fulfilling prophecies all self-created.

The therapist allows the patient to reminisce along the string of events and hopefully, the patient instantly sees the similarity. This and other cognitions arise during or at the end of the session. The client gets up from the massage aware of an increased aliveness. There is always a clear, blue sky after a good rain. The client may be full of either happy or thoughtful chatter, euphoria produced by uncorking the blocks over these old, repressed feelings. Sometimes he may be thoughtful and quiet. Most often he is ebullient as he shares cognitions that make sense. Puzzle pieces fit and there is a great deal of excitement.

My first session I connected with the fact that I was in denial about eating a great deal of junk food. I realized I was angry at 'fate' which triggered an unconscious deathwish that manifested as reckless eating, along with too much coffee (to counter food stupor,) hence insomnia, depression, panic, anxiety overweight and chronic fatigue. I instantly quit caffeine and junk foods, started a vegetarian Super Food diet and found new levels of high energy that made it even easier to deal with the 'fate' of being an aging movie star.

If there are dangerous levels of rage and wound, the therapist should encourage the client to go to a professional psycho-therapist to further discuss the cognitions and the implications which obviously can be life-shaking. The body therapist's job is just to put the client in touch with himself.

The client who is brave enough to unstop the genii now has the job of incorporating this new information into his lifestyle which may involve getting marriage therapy, eliminating a relationship with a harmful relative, friend or mate. Touching old pain 'arouses' it and if the rational side isn't strong enough to incorporate these discoveries, not level headed enough to understand them, opening the patient to his pain can be dangerous. It may overpower or plague the client when he's alone so professional help may be necessary.

Only the experiencing of a primal emotional release session can give the therapist the certainty that simply to re-live old pain can arm one with cognitions about one's neurotic pattern. Being aware of one's inner dynamics can prevent one making future, impaired life choices. For that reason, at the end of a session, I always wink and tell the client 'go and sin no more.' Only a person who is open to his or her own full spectrum of feelings, love, joy and pain can be fully alive, whether a therapist or a client. Only an alive, sympathetic, and feeling therapist can approach a repressed client. The first impulse of any repressed person is to smother another's tears and pain as it re-stimulates our own repressed feelings, much as a crying baby or whining dog makes our skin crawl. Sigmund Freud admonished that the psychiatrist who works with the insane must be the most sane. Likewise in emotional release work, the therapist must be a feeling person. No zombies need apply.

Now, you think you're up to it? You've done the required reading? Then, get a business card that announces you're in this new field. I love a card that has someone bent under a huge suitcase marked 'issues, triggers.' Text says: old emotional issues? Get primal massaged. Call it "Emotional Release work" or you might call it "Tantrum Yoga." Tell your current massage clients what you're offering. They'll find you plenty of people going through 'stuff'.

When you meet new people, and they say they want a session, always have this article xeroxed and with you, in your brief case. Give it to them to show them what you do. If someone phones you and wants a session, say, 'let me mail this to you first.'

It's important that client read it before his first massage so he or she will recognize the events, growth and perceptions that are going to occur. They should have a few days with this 'procedure sheet at home. At the first appointment, you don't take more than a minute to re-explain it. The human brain cognites l00% times faster than any teacher can teach. PROOF: When you get clients to lie down accept some massage and you ask their unconscious to come up with past memories, their brain comes up with mental pictures from the past as if they were flicking on a TV full of home movies! And when the repressed tensions on the body are getting deep tissue work and there's music, the psyche is all too willing to cough up these pictures and 'get into feeling.'

THE FIRST SESSION PRIMAL MASSAGE SESSION: First of all, it is important that the client trust the therapist. Hopefully, some meeting and talk has gone first in which the client sees that the therapist is a parental figure, and can be trusted. This is necessary because, in the thick of feeling therapy, it's no good if that foundation isn't there. People will suddenly see you there, a stranger, and clam up, either embarassed or angry, but that wall can shoot up. The reason they are there is because they have walls. I. THE WARM UP. After the initial meeting and chat, start by asking the client to lie down, face up, spread eagled, palms up. This is a very vulnerable, foolish position so you must allow as much to the client, that you understand it is. Face up in the presence of a stranger goes against the instinct of all mammals. But we are facing up in order to open ourselves to the healing powers of the universe, so suggest that they are opening themselves to heaven. That you, the therapist, are only the operative angel here, the forces are really heavenly ones. If you are religious, this would be the appropriate time to tune in to such energies, verbally in a brief meditation.

THEN, the Therapist asks client to inhale through the mouth and exhale with the sound 'AH.'As client does the exhale, therapist presses on his chest, pectorals and diaphragm (on different exhales) one, to show them that deep tissue work helps them get into 'feeling' and two, to get a more complete, rounder, deeper exhale behind that AHHHHHH. Work on that a while until you get a deep 'ahhh.'

2. Ask: HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW? Feelings may come up. Use free association to move around in current issues. Thoughtless, careless back and forth questions/answers, as you discuss things until you really get to a deep feeling. When that happens, focus on it while you massage the entire emotive area over face, chest, neck and maybe even turn them over and do the back area around the heart.

3. FIND OUT WHO FEELING IS CONNECTED TO. FIND OUT WHAT THE 'OLD FEELING IS'. The rage is at the authority figure, today, the boss or fate, but it's really at an 'old' figure: father, mother. Wound may be directed toward the beloved who doesn't love back but it's really old wound, directed toward parents.

4. Get client to TALK TO THAT PERSON - the client uses the Gestalt Psychodrama method of talking to someone who isn't there. The client tells that person his feeling, hurt, rage, wound or need. He will scream or weep if that's what is felt. That's how we "OWN" THE HURT. We express the hurt.

5.THE COGNITIVE PART OF THE SESSION- As we get to the 45 minute mark, we cease massaging, digging, connecting with and expressing old feelings and we sit up and discuss and resolve by coming to terms. Forgiving is the best way to come to terms and the next, all important step. 'They were only doing the best they could' is a good sentence to say to client. If it is forgiven, it is forgotten.THE BASIC PREMISE OF PRIMALING: The body is a vast, rich ARCHAELOGICAL site. Every square inch of your old, TOXIC DUMP SITES yields clues about your emotional history and current aberrated behavior. As the therapist masages your nerve nexuses, specific memories of emotional pain 'COME UP' revealing your inner condition, your habitual feelings, and what neurotic life scripts you are continually playing out and sometimes what manipulative, passive-aggressive, 'LOSER' GAMES you are stuck in.BABBLE IS THE GUIDE TO THE WORLD OF INNER FEELINGS. During this session we will be attentive to what clients say, ASK them to say whatever comes into their mind at all times. No words or thoughts that spill out are accidental. Idle chatter during massage (in response to the music perhaps), leads to the HEAD TRIP which is connected to the HEART TRIP. Whatever you are saying is the top of an important iceberg showing itself. Babble is a pathway that will allow us to trace back along the ARCHITECTURE of your mind's structure ---through 'contemporary pain back to 'old stuff.' We encourage and are attentive to thoughts, anecdotes or stories you remember during your massage. These quickly lead to 'CONNECTING.' i.e. instant weeping. Through the lightning bolt of psychic pain you can identify major 'stuff' that is 'COMING UP," current-time frustrations and ANGST which lead back to old, BABY FEELINGS. Once you KNOW the precise brand of BABY FEELINGS that are RUINING your life, you can REPROGRAM your unconscious for success.


TOP LEVEL: RAGE. The 'head' trip that we have selected to live with, often involves anger (much more comfortable and less painful than wound). There 'DENIAL' of wound or pain. One admits anger, agression, frustration. Body symtoms: wrinkled brow, specific localized tensions, knotted muscles, clenched jaw. Behavior: angry talk, nervous eating, oral addictions, smoking, eating. Also manifests through words or the THROAT CHAKRA. Release of the 5th Chakra removes anger, creates A SMILE! SECOND LEVEL: WOUND. (often the highest level in sensitive people, victim types. They don't have rage.) Weeping, pain. Many people habitually defend from pain. Heart defended BEHAVIOR creates or entails 'cut- offness,' being an insensitive, uncaring, SELF-istic, un-FEELING zombie who has FRACTIONAL relationships, 'Low nutrition'- RELATIONSHIPS, based on sex primarily, or aberrated CHOICES OF friends and mates (FASCINATION), or out and out "junk food friends." As we crash through this barrier, those long-denied feelings and hungers manifst as intense lonliness, feeling of being unloved, tears, weeping. 4TH CHAKRA - (HEART).Release on this level creates joy.

THIRD LEVEL UNMET NEED. The primal hunger cannot be fulfilled by life. A sense of limited reality. RESIGNATION. Suppressed pain, need, the needs unmet by life. 3RD CHAKRA. OUR POWER IS BROKEN = POWERLESSNESS. HOPELESSNESS. Release here gives POWER! AMBITION!

FOURTH LEVEL-THE FULL NEED. Now we can taste our true desires. Our CRAVINGS are strong. We feel how much we want or need certain things in life. ARE THEY ESSENTIAL NEEDS OR are NEUROTIC NEEDS running us? OBSESSIVE needs cripple us, make us lop-sided, neurotic, with substitute fulfilments/recreations: aberrated, sexual 'acting out' playboy/nympho sex, need for surrogate-parent figures, homosexuality. 2ND CHAKRA /Sex organs. RELEASE = physical relaxation, serenity, true romance, fun, sexual ecstasy.
FIFTH LEVEL- NO NEEDS AT ALL. Bliss consciousness. Flow. "Life, as is." I surf the wave of life. I can be 'in the "here and now" which makes me effective with people. No inner chatter. Meditative mind. I give up trying to control life. Absolute release on 1ST CHAKRA. Healing on this deepest level creates vibrancy, flow, trust, faith, living on 'AUTOMATIC PILOT.' TRUST IN HIGHER POWERS, (GOD) --OUR OWN INNER GOD OR HIGHER MIND. THIS IS TRUE EMPOWERMENT.

DURING the massage appointment/MEETING, WHEN 'BABY' FEELINGS COME UP do the following: 1) BECOME THE INNER INFANT 99%. 1% is the inner witness or adult. Do not totally identify with INNER INFANT. Maintain 1% witness, even as you surrender or 'give in'. Let yourself vocalize, either as primal sounds or talk. 2.) With that 1% REALITY, that 1% 'feet on the ground' SEPARATE this LITTLE piece of your adult-WITNESS, let him remain TO MONITOR and confront the MORE IMPORTANT appearance of 99% INNER CHILD.

THE CLIENT'S HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT At the end of a session, we go back over what you have learned in today's session --not about the body's TENSE OR TOXIC spots but about sore spots in the mind. Here's the HOMEWORK:WORK ON tense, overloaded MUSCLES, NERVE NEXUSES YOU CAN REACH. Some of the nerve nexuses are on front of body so do 'Auto massage' or ask for help from family. Work lightly on swollen, painful lymph glands which also can be cleansed with herbs, (echinesea, golden seal), and Vitamin C . Trampoline to get lymph fluid moving.
WORK ON DIET-Get more vital with raw foods, and lighter by AVOIDING heavy animal flesh foods, dairy products, fried foods. Drink healing, invigorating, raw juices, sprouts, herbs, seeds and salads, take vitamins. Enjoy sun-ripened fruit. Do EXERCISE which also causes lymph fluid to MOVE which cleanses the lymph GLANDS. Avoid bleached flour, (use low-gluten whole wheat flour or wheat alternatives like kamut, spelt, rye or other grain-loaves from healthfood store. Avoid dairy/cheese, canned and frozen foods. Use fresh. Instead of meat, use high-protein grains, millet, quinoa, tofu, soy products, lentils, beans. Use digestive enzymes to assimilate cooked foods better. Have frequent mono-meals. Don't combine incompatible foods.
HANDLE RELATIONSHIPS- Relationships, no matter how stormy, are the teaching ground of life. Accept people's foibles. Show no need to change them. Praise them until they trust you. Don't be a 'nudge' and discuss people's lacks with habitually cut-off, unfeeling people. This is asking for trouble, neurotic, *(being covert aggression and I'm better than you, self injection.) Stop judging and rejecting which is 'acting out' on your part which is supposed to indicate you are a superior person on a high-hat intellectual trip. Instead, if you must mention past mistakes, allow as how they WERE past choices, and they probably won't be continued. Be affectionate, loving and serving with them. Touch, hug and kiss them even if they're zombie-like.  See where that goes. If just one sick person in control can deaden a whole family, then maybe just one WELL person can heal a whole family. If they don't want to get well, you will make your travel plans accordingly. When they finally trust you, and ask 'what's wrong with me,' when they are at that point and that point only... you can MIRROR THEM but very gently. Use the punch sentences as troubled people are slow learners. Example: "You make impulsive decisions at emotional times so they all turn out bad." Or "One type of decision you make a lot is to undertake huge business ideas. You end up juggling way too many projects so you continually abandon each. Then you hate yourself for all those 'losses.' Here's an idea. Hang a sign "IT SEEMED LIKE A GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME." Which will remind you that many ideas spring from strange brain leaks and are not to be acted on.

ASK CLIENTS TO CONTINUE PRIMAL MEDITATION SESSIONS ALONE - Introspective, regular meditation sessions done by client at home, either at an altar with a candle or on the floor, on an exercise mat or with a family member playing your role, will allow the client to constantly monitor psychic pressures AS THEY ARISE.

Primal scream massage and meditation isn't going to be silent. One of the greatest American meditation teachers---Brother George, who was a devotee of Muktananda, --says that tranquil meditations are for old, perfected souls who have been meditating for years. When most of us hold our minds still, we do not get a mirror clear, still lake. Junk floats to the surface. WELCOME this and HANDLE IT. Don't just try to shove it under the surface. You only postpone it. When junk appears, go with the passion. Let your baby infant out of your throat because that's how he will depart, forever. Speak, weep or scream the precise feeling. By expressing we finish RE-pressing. Go full into it, you go all the way THROUGH it. Feeling our pain can't kill us but NOT feeling our pain CAN.

HOW TO DO PAST LIFE REGRESSION: After a primal session which can be five or six minutes, or an hour, you regress them. When they just come for the regression, I start with some body work. They're laid out, I do hard massage on areas around heart, ask them to 'see' pictures of their childhood that stick in memory. They come up with five or six  daydream, mental 'photographs.' I ask them for their earliest mental pictures. Then, I have person sit up in a chair. Put your hand over their head, about 8" above crown of skull, beam your body energy down into their center of skull, ask them to see their early childhood again, their earliest picture, then when they have done that, say 'good,' then ask them to go backwards into past life and see a picture from any lifetime they consider relevant. Say 'it will be easy, you'll just see it as if it were a daydream, a t.v. picture in your mind. And they will. You can run them around like a car, asking them to visit 'other lifetimes,' and they will see pictures perhaps a house. Ask them to look around, see who's in the house. They will. They will see a woman. Her back turned, at the kitchen table. Ask them to GET HER TO TURN AROUND, to talk to her. Ask them to tell her something. Ask client if they know who she is. If they don't have the dream person ASK 'who are you?' Ask them to get involved in the daydream. If they have really traumatic ugly events, ask their permission, 'do you want to leave?' if they do, ask them to go into another lifetime, earlier. Keep doing this. Afterwards, with your intuition, discuss the material. i.e. "Well, you note that woman never turned around and looked at you." RESULT: Enough regressions into past lives and these cathartic meditations in a row you will one day have a tranquil, empty, mirror-like unconscious, sensitive to the important hunches or messages that come all the time from WITHIN, and also more aware of the lessons coming from OUTSIDE, from life's events and 'processes.' These two are mutually catalystic; they ping-pong off one another, endlessly upward. Soon one starts to have deeply felt, relationships not dysfunctional ones, and audacious, ambitious plans not skewed survival strategies. One has a spontaneous, fully felt joie de vivre and conversely, a deep compassion One also develops a creativity that is 'inspired' and which attracts you luck and love. Much more importantly, these magical powers will help you transform the world in which you live.

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