FAST METHOD. Take you an hour. First, read the article then there's a second article to read, then get a massage therapy buddy and have them read both articles too, NOW, you can work on one another's sorrows, griefs, negative thoughts, while getting good at drawing out feelings. By late tonight, you'll be ready to EARN A HUGE LIVING primaling people.

QUESTION: I read the article, above on doing Primal scream as a career telling me how I can earn l00$ an hour in any big city in the world. (MORE in Germany or Switzerland.)  Tell me is "tantrum yoga" open for anyone to use. I am a certified Reichian person/yoga teacher etc. I am familiar with this work

ANSWER: Feel free to start the TANTRUM YOGA business, (really TANTRUM MASSAGE) in your town. I invented the name and concept, I give it to you. When I say  "I invented tantrum yoga," that sounds so .....egomaniacal only because I forgot to finish the sentence. What I mean to say --  was I  give FULL USE OF THAT Tantrum Yoga monniker or NAME to you and there is no school you have to ask permission or get a degree from. It's my gift to you, use the name -- as it enables you to do THAT massage/ heal THING and advertise it everywhere without city BODY WORK LICENSE-ING snoops coming after you which they do to anyone who advertises that they do body work.

True, it's great to take the city test and identify the gluteus maximus and about a hundred other body parts and KNOW not to ever rub a lymph gland hard, and thusly to get that city license and pay that huge fee to the city .... but just NOT THAT GREAT. It's only slightly better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, I feel.

You are going to do good things for people so go ahead and do it as "TANTRUM YOGA" which advertised publically,  will not get city sleuths on your tail. IF you have a license to do body work, you do NOT HAVE TO HIDE under such a yoga-y name -- you can call it emotional release body work or deep tissue shiatsu primal scream or whatever.

QUESTION:  I need a place that is sound proof or do you know how I can make my place sound proof so the neighbors won't hear any screaming or do you know what kind of  place I can rent?

ANSWER:- Well your client's home is going to be huge. Million dollar home. Kids in school. Use the lady's upstairs bedroom. (I don't think women should do guys. Or that guy primal therapists should do women. So use the bedroom.) Now, if the Mexican maid downstairs mopping hears screaming ......better leave the door open so she can investigate what's going on! Or that night, "SENOR, some very estrange tings ees goin' on!"

Truly, if you live in an apartment building, you cannot do this. BUT, you remedy that by renting a HOUSE! When I returned to USA from MExico with four fatherless kids in tow, I maybe wore handme down duds from pals but hey, I could always afford a little cottage in the best of areas so my kids had a garden, cats, dogs, could grow vegies. All I did for a living was astrology! I was cheap, too. 15$ an hour when I started in 1969. So I always think renting houses works best. You can make a better income. And after all, this PRIMAL EMOTIONAL RELEASE WORK is the most highly paid work there is. THINK BIG!

I know the SOUND problem was worked out by regular Primal Enthusiats like John and Yoko Lennon and actress, Dyan Cannon, (who first taught me about this system) She had pink, quilted kapok padded walls installed in her malibu home. I worked for her entertaining at a party, reading palms for her guests. She's very free, very healed from a great deal of abuse from gay actor husband, Cary Grant, a tyrannical, spoiled suppressive who tried to take the daughter away. He was very judgemental of Dyan and she was very freaked out and hurt by this experience. So I saw PADDED WALLS and someone who really cared about spending a few minutes ON HER OWN, no therapist, just primaling on her own, whenever her fears or sorrows reappeared.

Later at the Feeling Center, there were many padded rooms. But we could hear what was going on in the next room very faintly.....and the 'wahhhh wahhhh' sounded like a baby left in a crib! But, as the wailing  went on for an hour, I gradually perceived that maybe it was a recording or tape they used on the PA system to get people into feeling. WRONG! When I went out into hall after session, it was coming from one room. It was an adult male.

BUT padding  is not a concern as YOU WILL DO THIS at their home. The client's home. SO don't bring a staple gun and a thousand yards of pink, quilted kapok. Most homes are set back far enough from sidewalk so that no sound emerges.

QUESTION: What type of magazine or newspaper would be a good spot to advertise in? Those Holistic mags like Whole Person, Whole Life Times etc etc. are damn costly. I have tried them. I notice it takes long time for people to answer these ads too.

ANSWER: I agree. Magazines are very very costly. I think best bet is online ad service, Craigs list, total free, no cost advertising. Use craig's list. It's an internet, free ad which has a lot of fans. Google up craigslist or craig's list or try it different ways. There's one newspaper for every city in USA. Maybe UK, not certain.

WORD OF MOUTH is going to be huge. When a client or 'patient' sees what kind of  amazing healing this method does, (it can banish depression in one hour!) they will tell their close  pals and you get 2 clients. Which soon equals 4 which equals 8 which equals 16. You can expect exponential growth. YOu may not have to ever advertise! As an astrologer, I never advertised. I saw this exonential growth happen. One brought two and it went nuts. First year I had three hundred clients!

So go ahead, do start a small, at home, emotional release massage business. The idea is yours. I give it to you. I invented TANTRUM YOGA after studying with a Janov instructor, Olga Abitia, from his PRIMAL INSTITUTE. She taught there. She was a close, personal friend. Then I enrolled in the JANOV offshoot center in Culver City, THE FEELING CENTER. NONE of them combined PRIMALING  with  body work BUT I coincidentally at the same time was getting a regular session of very deep tissue massage (try raising four kids alone in Hollywood, the ex, a Mex, totally non supporting!) getting my healing from an American Sikh woman (3HO organization, Healthy, Happy Holy) named Guru Nam Simran Kaur who now lives in NY state in the woods, so you can't find her.

I encouraged this Sikh bodyworker to  'try a new combo of primaling with deep tissue work, almost rolfing level but it was shiatsu really....nerve merididan nerve nexus(es) and she did. It was an effortless slide into asking simple questions, like "Anita, what's going on in your life with (X) the boyfriend who drove me nuts... or what are you feeling?" .....simple questions.

Now as I'd read up on the subject,* I didn't waste time with blah blah yap yap on word level trips, I could go straight to the feeling. SHE was not conversant with the work so probably she'd have gotten stuck in yapping left on her own, which is why one should read all of janov's books.... they don't want gratuitous HEAD TRIPS interfering with primal, infant emotions. (Abandonment, fear, distrust, need).

If YOU also KNOW yoga, meditation, healthfoods, shiatsu or body work, you can start with first lesson being a combo of all that. Tell clients that IF they are in pain, that TANTRUM YOGA is an extension of the work. IT IS INNER CLEAN UP. And only people who need it are those who are in great pain. Once they get a few sessions, they often will choose to lose the suppressives who create the pain, there's no more need to primal. signed, Anita Sands Hernandez

* Read up on the subject. go to and get THE FEELING CHILD, PRIMAL SCREAM, THE PRIMAL REVOLUTION and his other books used for a buck each. A college education for a few dollars. HOW to USE ABEs? Just do a search (they have an 'engine,') on his name --ART JANOV.. The site is organized to present cheaper books first, later expensive. The folks advertising books are just hippies with huge collections, selling off their books. Not book stores. Great source!