A Gal I knew did Matchmaking parties in West Hollywood, l0$ at the door, did the intro's got a lot of single people introduced,  hooked up / married. She did this for years at cafes around town. Well, finally she took her profits, bought an old California Spanish Rudolph Valentino style mansion, turned it into an actual HOTEL! Her hotel's Website reaches to Asia/Europe, she's booked solid full time, undersells all Hollywood hotels at a mere l00$ a nite. It's like someone living in your back bedroom only paying 2800$ a month and there are multiple back bedrooms! She Gives a delicious California breakfast with that fee. well, she became seriously rich. Capitalism! Ain't it great! but she started so humbly. That's what gets me. just discipline and a knowledge of who to introduce to who so everybody left a singles party happy. C'mon, get rich. Wade on in: get Started with this article.
THIS IDEA takes no capital, no money. You hustle up some cafe owners who have an extra room, do it weeknites. Schedule for just After work.BIG PARTY, you host. AT CAFE, MAKE $ SINGLES PARTIES for CASH income This is a business idea that any college students or twenty year old, or even thirty something  girls could carry out, or a pair of senior ‘girls.’ GIVE singles introduction parties and you will make huge cash and your life will take on a superb, social dimension and you will do single girls the favor of finding them great men who will court them respectfully. If you would like to know all the fun, young, smart eligible people in your area, help them to meet each other plus make a few thousand a month which could fund some other BUSINESS you want to do, that costs $25,000 to start. Consider getting into the SINGLES INDUSTRY, as these are the biggest SPENDING market sector – and do it hosting “HOW TO GET LUCKY IN LOVE SEMINARS” using a local female psychologist to answer questions out of a basket, she won’t charge YOU as she wants to network with new clients. Or you can do A MATCHMAKING BUSINESS, The Male client pays you $1,000 to meet l0 dates, and for that you’re befriending young women, using digital photos to make a photo archive. Or you can do SINGLES PARTIES at local cafes and restaurants. Charge at the door. Great networking there. And you can use all my LOVE FILES to do a website. I give them away. END RESULT: you can make $1,000,000a year CASH, under the table. And spin off with a radio show and your free psychologist trainer does a book. Huge $ there. I know that you have have that extra, social, people-loving spark that could put this idea over.’Cuz YOU aspire to be wealthy and like TO PARTY! Well parties and celebrations can be very useful to the planet, too. YOU CAN DO FUND RAISING PARTIES, for a local charitable concept, I like the DAYCARE SCHOLARSHIPS for POOR SINGLE MOTHERS with jobs. But equally spiritual are SINGLES PARTIES that get folks married TO A PRINCE after they’ve met and culled through hundreds of frogs. And PARTIES keep people from being depressed on HOLIDAYS. Singles Parties serve the community, help lonely people out, make you money and friends and turn you into the toast of the town. CHARITY FUND RAISING PARTIES can CHANGE THE WORLD Find a friend who's interested in co-chairing the idea that by giving parties you can MATCHMAKE (a friend of mine does this, I know a lot about it.) OR run a FUNDRAISER PARTY BUSINESS, Give the MONEY TO HAITI or start building apartment buildings in Haiti with the money. Read the page on HOW TO CREATE a national CHARITY. Create some sample flyers and carry them to a charming local cafe. Tell the owner what you're going to do for him, i.e. put l00 guests into his side room for a singles introduction-party on what is usually a 'slow' week night, when he's losing money, a gathering that will bring the cafe a bar tab.  Pick a cafe with a second room, (or in summer, a patio) as you don't want to bother their regular diners. It must have a liquor license or why would the cafe do it?  You'll give your party at an early hour, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. so owner can go home early. Point out to owner that your people will drink. If you do 12 parties a year, which you plan, you are making him a lot of money. State that you're not asking for a share of the bar tab. But you want IN at his cafe, free. That you can't give him a share of the guests as you have a lot of advertising to do. 

Out of 3 cafes you approach 3 will say yes, because a.) they can't fill that room on a week night, no way, and b.) they aren't going to do flyers or advertising for their place as regularly as you do (12 times a year!!) and c.) the bar tab $$ and d.) you will bring them new friends. So you have leverage to demand they serve a free meal --- simple as vegetables on pasta (bell pepper, broccoli, garlic, parmesan and lots of rich, olive oil and Greek olives on top) with green romaine salad, serving only 50 people, buffet style. This costs the cafe $1.00 per person. They can afford to donate that food because they are going to make beaucoup $$ on the bar tab which you tell them in front! This absolutely guarantees the cafe says YES to you. The Next thing you do:

TYPE SET or HAND PRINT a flyer, (BIG PRINT) saying "WEDNESDAY NIGHT SINGLES" the date and place and price, l0$ a ticket for men, 5$ for women. Duplicate it at your local xerox joint. Hang everywhere: in hair salons, barbers, dry cleaners, markets, libraries, gyms, schools, college bulletin boards and hang a quadruple sized, hand lettered POSTER done with black marker pen) on local PHONE POLES saying PARTY HOTLINE And phone #. Put places where your target group is likely to see them. If you call the group "30-Something" hang them at upscale, yuppie markets, boutiques. If older population is your target audience, hang in pharmacies, medical bldgs. Then you call it "50-something Singles". Or PERSONALIZED INTRODUCTION PARTIES. Or if you're tired of ORDINARY people, try "VEGETARIAN SINGLES" and have speakers; that way you meet the high souls. Or Socially Responsible Singles. Whatever the target group, YOU WILL BE the star & host of the party, making introductions.

Do this lucrative party every couple of weeks or even monthly, at the same locale. Change cafes every few months. Keep investigating different venues: fancy hotel dining rooms, foreign eateries, even country western music places --- if the back room is quiet enough for singles, (as there's no dancing, only soft music at your parties as the idea is -- people TALK. It's classier this way. And, do as we do here, get a fortuneteller from your local metaphysical book store, and let her give 5$ palm readings at a back table, as it amuses, amazes and entertains. She can be a PSYCHIC astrologer or palmreader who brings a plug-in table light so she can SEE. You can pay her l0$ to show up. Also ask your astrologer to pick the really powerful, VENUS or JUPITER night. You schedule your parties ONLY for those nights. An astrologer can pick them months ahead. So every Wednesday night is not necessarily the tack to take.      

Pay a trusted friend 10$ to sit at front door with a cigar box to collect money and hand out stick-on name tags. YOU will walk around getting acquainted with your guests, finding out who they want to meet, what qualities they want in a mate, and making intros. People have to be introduced, so you need helpers who come for free as an exchange. 

At parties, your helper sits at the table near the entry, letting no one get past her without paying. Anyone without a name tag is a crasher. But be polite, say "Oh, you need a name tag," not "you didn't pay." The desk also has a name and addresss book for people to sign in, then you write or phone them on the party day. Or fax them flyer for them to fax ON. Also, create a TELPHONE HOT LINE (Phone company will give you a voice mail box for 3$ a month. Record message: "Hi, it's the 30-Something Singles. Our regular Wednesday event is 6:30 Wednesdays at the Blue Lagoon, 10$ at the door. But don't forget our Valentine's event Saturday the 14th at the Hermitage Hotel." FLYER should state, "Call our party hotline regularly as we change days & dates all the time." Give our phone # to your pals! You'll never sit home lonely again! After a few events, when you have a bankroll, advertise in SINGLES COLUMN in local papers. Put it all over the internet, every one in your city should send invites to ten other people. Collect phone #'s and email addresses at the door in a 'GUEST BOOK," to make reminding your regular crowd real easy. 

My friend made so much $ at her Wed nite event that she started a regular Sat nite party called "MUTUAL ADMIRATION, SOPHISTICATED Ladies, YOUNGER men." Widows and divorcees came out of the woodwork, but surprisingly, cute young guys did too. They charged 12$ for that one and got it! Another group did a beach jazz Sunday and made 5 grand in one evening. Do it at churches, or for them. Do it for charity, do it so you can quit your job and study something VALUABLE. BUT DO IT!And do it with two friends so you have a keep-at-it group. Give Singles Parties a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Find a parson, a church, a New age Group, some pals, discuss doing it together.

Next, as you soon get thousands of names in your guest book, many young, you can also give "RAVES" in any club that has space for a band, or any space. They do them in underground clubs, too. Empty buildings where they will hold a loud one night dance. You create flyers and spread them all around the youth community. RAVE Saturday night in the empty store front at X. l0$ at the door. BYOB. You get a DJ to plug in his speakers and record system and a big guy at the door and a few bouncers, and nobody gets in without paying. You call it a private party. 

You put ads at every college, school near this area. You can make thousands in a single night. Or you can do Mariachi, Ranchero music nights, or HIp Hop or Tango or Miami Sound Machine music. So your DJ is an important part of this thing. Once you do a few raves, you'll realize what the tricks are and do it well.

This is going to make you a very comfortable, full-of-pals, social old age. You can do a lot of good for your family, get married, have a great life and meet a lot of the stars of tomorrow when you use live groups. You can use this career to segue into MUSIC biz, or nightclub biz. Some party TYCOONs enter the matchmaking industry, where people pay a thousand for ten dates and select candidates from computer data bases. I've seen this done.

The secret of starting is having a pal or two with you. The partnership of people of like mind grows on its own. Use a friend or friends whom you like and trust 100% . It takes a group to KEEP UP and jog the partner when he forgets something or loses faith.

Talk it over with your friends, Get feedback. Go to a few cafes, proposing the party idea to the owner. More feedback. Soon you will be making $ hand over foot. $500-5000 a party. 

At that point, open a DATING LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS GROUP for gals, church basement, Instructions on that at THE SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINAR